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302 BRT Southeast - Calgary Transit

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85 Martin Crossing86 Coventry Hills87 17 Avenue SE / Applewood88 Harvest Hills89 Lions Park90 Bridgeland / University of Calgary91 Foothills Medical Centre92 McKenzie Towne93 Coach Hill / Westbrook94 Strathcona / Westbrook96 McKenzie97 South Ranchlands-Scenic Acres98 Cougar Ridge100 North Pointe/ Airport/ McKnight102 Douglasdale Express103 McKenzie Express104 Sunnyside / University of Calgary105 Dalhousie-Lions Park107 South Calgary109 Harvest Hills Express110 Douglas Glen Express111 Old Banff Coach Road112 Sarcee Road113 North Ranchlands-Scenic Acres114 Panorama/Country Hills115 Symons Valley Parkway116 Coventry Hills Express117 McKenzie Towne Express118 Hidden Valley119 Freeport120 North Silver Springs123 Sage Hill / North Pointe124 Evanston127 Maryvale/ Franklin Industrial128 Cornerstone/ Redstone129 Dalhousie - Sage Hill133 Cranston Express134 South Silver Springs135 36 Street SE / Erin Woods138 Citadel142 Panorama Express145 Skyview Ranch/ Redstone146 Beddington147 Starfield148 Great Plains149 Point Trotter150 114 Avenue SE151 New Brighton Express152 New Brighton153 Copperfield154 Hamptons155 West Dover / Forest Lawn156 Aspen Woods157 Saddletowne-Stoney Industrial158 Royal Oak159 Saddlebrook161 North Pointe - Stoney Industrial164 Aspen Woods167 Walden - Legacy CCW168 Walden - Legacy CW169 Rocky Ridge174 Tuscany178 Sundance/Chaparral299 Arbour Lake300 BRT Airport / City Centre301 BRT North302 BRT Southeast303 MAX Orange305 BRT Bowness306 MAX Teal307 MAX Purple402 Silverado404 North Hill406 Auburn Bay408 Valley Ridge
410 Glenmore Business Park411 East Calgary414 14 Street Crosstown421 Panatella422 Dalhousie-Montgomery430 Sandstone / North Pointe439 Discovery Ridge440 Chateau Estates / Franklin444 Chaparral Valley/ Walden449 Eau Claire - Parkhill453 West Springs454 Springbank Hill468 Cranston / Mahogany494 Take Home Bus495 P/U Bus from NE 17av, SA, WW, WH502 Heritage Park Shuttle504 Stampede North Express508 Stampede East Express526 Manchester Yards / City Hall / Erlton Stn Charter555 Dashmesh Centre627 Columbia College695 St Francis/ Bowness/ Valley Ridge698 17th Ave/Western Canada/St. Mary's699 West Springs/various schools702 Churchill/Nolan Hill703 Churchill/Sherwood704 Churchill/Edgepark Blvd705 Churchill/Edgebrook Rise706 Churchill/Edenwold Dr710 Beaverbrook/Cranston711 Beaverbrook/Douglasglen712 Beaverbrook/Parkland713 Beaverbrook/Deer Run714 Beaverbrook/Prestwick715 Beaverbrook/Queensland716 Beaverbrook/New Brighton717 Beaverbrook/Copperfield719 Beaverbrook/McKenzie721 Bowness/ Valley Ridge722 Bowness/ Tuscany Ravine723 Bowness/Tuscany Hills724 Bowness/Tuscany North725 Bowness/Silver Springs731 Central Memorial/Riverbend732 Central Memorial/Glamorgan733 Central Memorial/Lakeview734 Central Memorial/Ogden735 Central Memorial/North Ogden737 Diefenbaker/ Harvest Hills738 Diefenbaker/Panorama Hills North739 Diefenbaker/Panorama Hills743 Crescent Heights/ Whitehorn Stn744 Crescent Heights/Coventry- South745 Crescent Heights/Vista Heights746 Crescent Heights/ Coventry Hills747 Crescent Heights/Hidden Valley748 Crescent Heights/ Hidden Ranch750 Nelson Mandela/ Coral Springs752 Fowler/SageHill/Kincora753 Fowler/Evanston/Kincora754 Joane Cardinal-Schubert/Copperpond755 Joane Cardinal-Schubert/Douglasglen756 Joane Cardinal-Schubert/ New Brighton757 Joane Cardinal-Schubert/McKenzie Lake758 Joane Cardinal-Schubert/Douglasdale759 Joane Cardinal-Schubert/McKenzie Towne760 Scarlett / West Bonavista761 Scarlett/Auburn Bay762 Scarlett/Bonavista763 Scarlett/Woodbine764 Scarlett/James McKevitt Rd765 Scarlett/Silverado766 Scarlett/Evergreen767 Sacrlett/ Anderson768 Scarlett/Walden
770 Western Canada/Riverbend/Lynnview771 Western Canada/Chinook Stn.773 Robert Thirsk / Rocky Ridge774 Robert Thirsk/ Royal Oak775 Robert Thirsk / Citadel776 Wise Wood/Palliser/Oakridge777 Wise Wood/Evergreen778 Wise Wood/Woodlands780 Wise Wood/Oakridge782 H.D. Cartwrightl/Nolan Hill791 Queen Elizabeth/MacEwan792 Queen Elizabeth/Sandstone793 Queen E/ Sunnyside794 F.E. Osborne/ Silver Springs795 Vincent Massey/ Strathcona796 Tom Baines/Edgemont797 Tom Baines/Hamptons798 Annie Gale/Taradale799 Annie Gale/ Coral Springs801 Brebeuf/RoyalOak802 Brebeuf/Hawkwood805 Brebeuf/Hamptons/Edgemont807 Brebeuf/Rocky Ridge810 St. Francis/St Margaret/ North Pointe811 St. Francis/ Tuscany812 St. Francis/E. Arbour Lake/Citadel813 St. Francis/Arbour Lk/ Scenic Acres/Silver Springs814 St. Francis/Royal Oak815 St. Francis/S. Ranchlands/Arbour Lk816 St. Francis/E. Hawkwood/Citadel817 St. Francis/ Rocky Ridge818 St. Francis/Hamptons/Edgemont819 St. Francis/Sherwood/ Edgemont820 St. Francis/Scenic Acres North821 Bishop O'Byrne/McKenzie/Mountain Park822 Bishop O'Byrne/Walden825 Bishop Carroll/ Mckenzie Towne Express826 Bishop Carroll/Dalhousie/Brentwood827 Bishop Carroll/Anderson830 Madeleine d'Houet/Sandstone832 Madeleine d'Houet/Sandstone833 Madeleine d'Houet/Dalhousie Stn834 Madeleine d'Houet/Brentwood Stn835 St Bonaventure / Anderson836 St. Vincent de Paul/ Scenic Acres839 Our Lady of Grace/ Evanston843 Notre Dame/Hidden Valley/MacEwan844 Notre Dame/ Evanston845 Msgr J S Smith School/ Mahogany851 St Augustine / Lynnwood / Ogden853 St Augustine / Riverbend857 St Stephen / Evergreen860 Bishop Grandin/ Copperfield861 Bishop Grandin/Auburn Bay862 Bishop Grandin / Douglasdale863 All Saints High/Mahogany/Cranston864 All Saints High/Auburn Bay865 All Saints High/Silverado/Chaparral866 All Saints High/Cranston867 All Saints High/ Chaparral868 All Saints High/ 52St SE869 All Saints High/ Somerset Bridlewood LRT871 St. Martha School/ Marlborough872 St. Alphonsus/ Rundle877 Father James Whelihan/Walden878 Father James Whelihan/Chaparral880 St Matthew / Heritage887 St. Elizabeth Seton/ Panorama Hills892 St. Isabella/ Mckenzie894 St. Gregory/ 69 St SW/Strathcona895 St. Gregory/ West Springs/ CougarRidge896 LOA/ Bowness/ Valley Ridge

See Stop times for Sunday (Jun 16, 2019 - Jun 23, 2019)

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Official Calgary Transit Data
Thru Sep 1, 2019

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302 BRT Southeast - Calgary Transit

Sunday (Jun 16, 2019 - Jun 23, 2019)

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1 7mm37bqhruebphli79cll9d550 4c077ba7cfeb65b3c6db03cb13b18143 d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e 0 48826 en-us 2 Sunday (Jun 16, 2019 - Jun 23, 2019) Calgary Transit Calgary Transit 302 BRT Southeast Alberta Canada

Official Calgary Transit Data
Thru Sep 1, 2019