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Tips for Site Search?

  • Try these patterns:

    • #[stop_code]
    • From [address] To [address] (for trip plan)
    • [line/route name] (for schedules, etc.)
    • [address] (for nearby stops)
    • Agency name (for lines and contact info)
  • Use complete addresses with State or Region abbreviation.

How reliable is the schedule information on this Site?

  • Schedule times are based on official data published by the transit agency.

    When a transit provider updates their information, the update is typically reflected in a few hours unless delayed to off-peak hours due to processing requirements.

    Schedules may not reflect irregular trips.

  • Schedule date ranges relate to the data and not necessarily the effective dates in other publications.

    For some transit providers, Holiday schedules may actually be some other regular schedule, such as Weekend or Sunday, but appear listed by Holiday name.

Where's the schedule for...?

  • Only schedules in recent publications are listed.

    Some lines, such as seasonal or temporary lines, may be discontinued or renamed.

    When a line is removed from recent publications, it is deactivated. If it's included in a later publication, it's reactivated and appears with new schedules.

    If a line you know has current service and is not listed, notify the transit agency and request the schedule be included in their data publication.

  • For information about upcoming schedules, you must contact the transit agency.

    Note: Support for data outside North America and Oceania is pending completion of locale neutral features. Please be patient. We apologize for the delay.

Why "Unable to Establish Secure Connection"?

  • We've upgraded our intermediate certificates to new standard encryption levels.

    Restart your device for Site certificates to reload.

    If that doesn't work, you are using a very old browser.

    Update your browser.

  • This is a frustrating issue to encounter and we apologize for the inconvenience.

    We don't expect future upgrades will be needed for many years to come.

My / Recent is gone?

  • We're now using https://rideschedules.com as the preferred protocol and host (notice https and no www).

    To continue with previous data, use Settings to select the protocol and host in use when the data was saved. After that, you will always be redirected there.

  • You can Also Export Data to a new preferred protocol and host. See Help in Settings for details.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

What does it mean when the record number ("schedule.html?XXXX") changes?

  • The schedule is probably the same but an internal identifier has changed.

    When an identifier changes and the route cannot be resolved in previous data, a new record is created and the number changes.

  • Times are still correct and usually for the same route. However, the name may have changed slightly.

Why no real-time or alerts?

  • The transit provider may not yet provide the service or we haven't implemented it yet.

    Please be patient.

  • If you cannot locate real-time or alert information anywhere, convey your support for the service to your transit provider.

Is Holiday schedule really a regular schedule?

  • Holiday schedules may or may not be a Weekend, Sunday or other regular schedule.

    Current formats do not assign familiar names to schedules. We do so for your convenience when it's obvious.

  • To see if a Holiday schedule is another regular schedule, you'll have to check the times.

Why occasionally 403 Forbidden?

  • The Server thinks it's being abused.

    This can happen for legitimate requests, though very rarely.

    Most of the time, waiting a few moments before trying again will solve the problem.

  • If you are prevented from using the service, tell us.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

Why isn't it working after clearing the cache and refreshing?

  • Updates are underway.

    Please be patient. It won't be long until it starts working again.

    You may see new features.

  • Our top priority is keeping your experience consistent and delightful.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

I am a transit provider with questions or concerns...

  • See the developers page for best practice requirements.

    Feedback from transit providers is always welcome and goes straight to the developer! We value your opinions and suggestions.

    Note: If you publish for use outside North America or Oceania, support is expected following completion of locale neutral services. Once your locale is supported, full feature support is planned.

  • If you are planning real-time services, see the developers page to speed support for your service.

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