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259 Minmi to Glendale via Maryland, Wallsend & Cardiff 260 Minmi to University of Newcastle via Fletcher, Maryland & Wallsend 261 University of Newcastle to Fletcher via Wallsend & Maryland 262 Cameron Park to Charlestown via Constitution Dr 263 Charlestown to Cameron Park 264 Minmi to Adamstown via Glendale & Kotara 266 Newcastle to West Wallsend 267 Glendale to West Wallsend 268 Killingworth to Glendale 269 Charlestown to Toronto 270 University of Newcastle to Toronto West 271 Toronto to Glendale 273 Fassifern to Toronto 274 Toronto to Coal Point (Loop Service) 275 Toronto to Wangi via Fishing Point & Rathmines 278 Morisset to Silverwater (Loop Service) 279 Morisset to Sunshine (Loop Service) 280 Cooranbong to Morisset 281 Lake Haven to Wangi Wangi 6150 Cameron Park to Charlton Christian 6151 St Pauls to Cameron Park 6153 Edgeworth PS to Wallsend Plaza 6157 Wallsend South PS to Rankin Park 6159 Edgeworth PS to Seaham 6161 Glendale Technology HS to Oakville & Renfrew 6163 Holy Cross PS to Main Rd 6165 Mayfield Christian to Oakville Rd & Minmi 6172 Callaghan College Wallsend to Maryland 6177 West Wallsend HS to Cameron Park & Edgeworth 6179 West Wallsend HS to St Pauls HS 6181 West Wallsend HS to Barnsley & Edgeworth 6183 West Wallsend HS to Edgeworth 6185 West Wallsend HS to Seahampton 6187 St Paul's Catholic HS to Seahampton 6189 West Wallsend HS to Killingworth 6193 West Wallsend HS to Cameron Park 6195 West Wallsend HS to Barnsley 6197 West Wallsend HS to Edgeworth Heights 6199 West Wallsend PS to Holmesville & Barnsley 6203 Barnsley PS to Killingworth 6204 Holmesville to Edgeworth Heights PS 6205 Barnsley PS to Killingworth 6206 Fassifern Station to West Wallsend HS 6207 Bishop Tyrell College to Seahampton 6208 Mayfield to Glendale Technology HS 6209 Edgeworth Heights PS to Glendale Technology HS 6211 Edgeworth Heights PS to Main Rd at Minmi Rd 6213 Edgeworth PS to Glendale Technology HS 6215 Edgeworth PS to Jupiter Cct before Constitution Rd 6218 Edgeworth to West Wallsend HS 6220 Edgeworth to Holy Cross PS 6222 Seahampton to Hunter Christian College 6223 Glendale Technology HS to Cameron Park 6225 Edgeworth Heights PS to Cameron Park 6226 Edgeworth to Lake Macquarie HS 6227 Glendale Technology HS to Northlakes Estate 6229 Glendale Technology HS to West Wallsend 6235 Glendale Technology HS to Fletcher 6239 Edgeworth Heights PS to Cameron Park 6240 Wakefield Rd at School Rd to Bishop Tyrell College 
6241 Glendale Technology HS to Seahampton 6244 Killingworth to Merewether HS 6249 Holy Cross PS to George Booth & Fifth St 6254 Killingworth to St Benedicts PS 6256 Wakefield to St Benedicts PS 6258 Cameron Park to St Benedicts PS 6260 Edgeworth to St Benedicts PS 6266 Edgeworth to St Paul's HS 6271 Merewether HS to Seahampton 6276 Edgeworth to West Wallsend HS 6278 Edgeworth to West Wallsend HS 6279 St Benedicts PS to Barnsley PS 6280 Holmesville to West Wallsend PS 6283 St Benedicts PS to Wakefield 6286 Glendale Technology HS to Cameron Park 6289 St Paul's Catholic HS to Edgeworth 6291 St Pauls HS to Cameron Park 6292 Cameron Park to Glendale Technology HS 6294 Main Rd opp Fairleigh St to St Benedicts PS 6296 Teralba to Teralba Primary School 6299 Teralba Primary School to Teralba 6400 Buttaba to Arcadia Vale PS 6401 St Josephs PS to Booragul 6402 Kilaben Bay to Charlton Christian College 6403 Toronto Seventh Day Adventist School to Wangi 6404 Kilaben Bay to Coal Point PS 6405 Newcastle Grammar to Toronto 6406 Toronto Station to Coal Point PS 6407 Newcastle Grammar to Toronto 6409 Toronto PS to Booragul 6410 Toronto to Glendale Technology HS 6412 Toronto to Hunter Christian College 6413 Hunter Sports HS to Toronto West 6414 Toronto to Hunter Sports HS 6415 Coal Point PS to Bay Rd at Blandford St 6417 Toronto HS to Kilaben Bay 6418 The Esplanade to Lake Macquarie HS 6420 Coal Point to St Pauls HS & Lake Macquarie HS 6421 Toronto PS to Fassifern 6422 Fassifern to Lake Macquarie HS 6423 St Pauls HS to Fishing Point 6424 Bolton Point to Lake Macquarie HS 6426 Toronto to Lake Macquarie HS 6428 Toronto West to Macquarie Christian College 6429 Toronto HS to Fishing Point 6430 Wangi to Morisset PS 6431 St Josephs PS Kilaben Bay to Toronto Station 6432 Brunkerville to Mulbring PS 6433 Glendale Technology HS to Toronto West 6434 Toronto to Newcastle Grammar 6435 Toronto HS to Blackalls Park 6436 Rathmines to Rathmines PS 6437 Macquarie Christian College to Kilaben Bay 6438 Donnelly Rd at Wangi Rd to St Josephs PS Kilaben Bay 6440 Teralba to St Josephs PS Kilaben Bay 6441 Toronto HS to Arcadia Vale & Wangi 6444 Toronto West to St Josephs PS Kilaben Bay 6445 Charlton Christian College to Wangi 6446 Wangi to St Pauls HS 6447 Toronto HS to Rathmines 
6448 Booragul to Teralba PS 6450 Kilaben Bay to Toronto HS 6452 Booragul to Toronto HS 6453 St Josephs PS Kilaben Bay to Wangi Wangi PS 6454 Rathmines to Toronto HS 6456 Balmoral to Toronto HS 6457 Fennell Bay PS to Booragul 6458 Wangi Shops to Toronto HS 6460 Awaba Station to Toronto HS 6461 Glendale Technology HS to Kilaben Bay 6462 Fassifern to Toronto PS 6464 Lake Macquarie HS to Toronto PS 6465 Macquarie Christian College to Kilaben Bay 6466 Kilaben Bay to Toronto Seventh Day Adventist School 6468 Arcadia Vale to Wangi Wangi PS 6470 Rathmines to Charlton Christian College & St Pauls HS 6471 Toronto HS to Marmong 6472 Fassifern Station to Toronto HS 6473 Booragul PS to Toronto West 6474 Arcadia Vale to Toronto HS 6476 Morisset to Biraban PS 6477 Charlton Christian College to Toronto 6480 Wangi to Charlton Christian College 6481 Toronto HS to Balmoral 6483 Lake Macquarie HS to Toronto 6484 Kilaben Bay to St Pauls HS 6485 St Pauls HS to Fishing Point 6486 St Pauls HS to Biraban PS 6487 Toronto HS to Awaba 6488 Toronto to Toronto HS 6489 Toronto Seventh Day Adventist School to Morisset 6490 Rathmines to Wangi Wangi PS 6491 Morisset HS to Toronto West 6492 Biraban Public School to St Josephs Primary School 6495 Mullbring PS to Brunkerville 6497 Toronto HS to Carey Bay 6499 Charlton Christian College to Fennell Bay 6501 Fennell Bay PS to Booragul 6503 Lake Macquarie HS to Toronto West 6505 Belmont Christian College to Teralba 6507 Teralba PS to Toronto West 6509 Toronto HS to Rathmines PS 6511 Rathmines PS to Rathmines 6519 Fennell Bay PS to Cary St Toronto 6523 Hunter CS to Fishing Point 6525 St Josephs PS Kilaben Bay to Rathmines PS 6527 Rathmines PS to Arcadia Vale 6529 Arcadia Vale PS to Rathmines 6600 Avondale to Cooranbong PS 6601 Avondale School to Cooranbong 6602 Avondale School to Morisset PS 6605 Avondale School to Morisset Park 6606 Bay Peninsula to Avondale School 6607 Avondale School to Lake Munmorah 6608 Cooranbong to Avondale School 6609 Avondale School to Cooranbong 6611 Avondale School to Bonnells Bay 6612 Bonnells Bay to Morisset PS 6613 Avondale School to Norah Head 6615 Avondale School to Morisset Park & Bonnells Bay 
6616 Morisset Park to Morisset 6617 Avondale School to Dora Creek 6618 Noraville to Avondale School 6619 Bonnells Bay School to Brightwaters 6620 Morisset Park to Avondale School 6621 Bonnells Bay PS to Yarrawonga Park 6622 Lake Munmorah to Avondale 6623 Bonnells Bay School to Morosset 6624 Toronto to Avondale 6625 Avondale to Cessnock & Kurri Kurri 6626 Morisset PS to Bonnells Bay PS 6627 Avondale to Toronto 6628 Sunshine to Morisset PS 6629 Dora Creek to Eraring 6630 Sunshine to Bonnells Bay PS 6631 Avondale to Dora Creek 6632 Avondale School to Morisset 6633 Eraring to Morisset & Avondale School 6634 Mandalong to Morisset PS 6635 Linuwel School to Morisset 6636 Martinsville to Morisset HS 6637 St John Vianney PS to Wyee 6638 Bonnells Bay to Avondale School 6639 Morisset to Gwandalan 6640 Morisset to Linuwel School 6641 Avondale to Toukley 6642 Morisset PS to Cooranbong PS 6644 Morisset Park to Bonnells Bay PS 6646 Wyee to Morisset PS 6648 Mirrabooka to Morisset PS 6649 St John Vianney PS to Mirrabooka 6651 St John Vianney PS to Martinsville 6652 Gwandalan to St John Vianney PS 6653 St John Vianney PS to Mirrabooka 6654 Cessnock & Kurri to Avondale 6655 St John Vianney PS to Bonnells Bay 6656 Toukley to Cooranbong PS 6657 St John Vianney PS to Morisset Hospital 6658 Eraring to Morisset PS 6659 St John Vianney PS to Mandalong 6660 Dora Creek to Avondale School 6661 Avondale to Bay Peninsula 6662 Dora Creek to St John Vianney PS 6663 St John Vianney PS to Dora Creek 6664 Morisset Hospital to Bonnells Bay PS 6665 St John Vianney PS to Freemans Drive 6668 Wyee Rd and Dora St to Morisset PS 6669 St John Vianney PS to Windemere Park 6670 Wyee to Morisset 6672 Yarrawonga Park to Bonnells Bay School 6676 Avondale School to Morisset PS 6677 St John Vianney PS to Wyee via Dora St 6681 Morisset to Heritage College 6682 Heritage College to Bonnells Bay 6683 Bonnells Bay to Heritage College 6684 Heritage College to Bonnells Bay 6685 Peninsula to Heritage College 6686 Heritage College to Peninsula 

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Official Hunter Valley Schedule Data
Updated Jun 16, 2024
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267 Glendale to West Wallsend - Hunter Valley

MTuWTh (Jun 17, 2024 - Jul 4, 2024)

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Official Hunter Valley Schedule Data
Updated Jun 16, 2024
Stop codes may be application specific.