643 Skyline High - Fruitvale & Montana - AC Transit

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620 Cedar Blvd.621 Fremont - American H.S.623 Horner JH - P. Padre Pkwy & Mission624 Paseo Padre - Mission S.J. High School625 Centerville JHS - Niles & El Portal626 Newark Blvd.628 Cedar Blvd.629 Cherry St.631 Alameda - Encinal High School632 Snake Rd./Colton-Montera Jr. HS638 73rd International Blvd - Skyline High641 Fremont High- Frick Middle - 106th Bancroft642 Montera M.S./ Snake Rd.643 Skyline High - Fruitvale & Montana646 Montera -Skyline High- Coliseum Bart648 Fruitvale Bart - Skyline High649 Skyline High - Grass Valley650 Skyline High - Montera Middle School651 Holy Names H.S./ 9th Broadway652 Skyline H.S./ Sequoyah Rd/ 90th. & Inter Blvd654 Skyline H.S./ 35th Ave/ Fruitvale Bart655 Montera M.S./ 35th Ave/ Fruitvale Bart657 Oakland Tech. H.S./ Macarthur Blvd/ Coliseum Bart658 Skyline H.S./ Macarthur Blvd/ 40th San Pablo Ave662 Skyline H.S./ 40th San Pablo Ave663 Encianal H.S./ Island H.S./ Broadway Blanding667 N.Richmond - Rich. BART - El Cerrito668 21st & Macdonald Ave. - El Cerrito669 CCC - DeAnza HS/Crespi MS671 CCC - De Anza HS/Crespi MS672 N.Richmond - San Pablo - El Sobrante675 21st & Macdonald Ave. - El Cerrito676 N.Richmond - San Pablo - El Sobrante677 Montera M.S./ Skyline Rd.679 Crespi MS & DeAnza High Schools680 Bishop O'Dowd H.S./ Macarthur Blvd681 Rich Pkwy & W.Macd - DeJean M.S.682 Bishop O'Dowd H.S./ Montclair/ 40th Broadway684 Rich. BART /El Cerrito HS687 Bay Farm Is. / Lincoln Middle Sch.688 St. Marys H.S./ Montclair/ Lakeshore Ave691 SNAKE RD/MONTCLAIR/TUNNEL RD
1 avu8giifrupss7ijifg3cc9ck2 301f446d2c6ebddacb72f192de3d2271 d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e 0 28120 en-us 1 AC Transit AC Transit 643 Skyline High - Fruitvale & Montana California United States


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Updated: Mar 22, 2017




Weekday (Mar 27, 2017 - Jun 16, 2017)

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Weekday (Mar 27, 2017 - Jun 16, 2017)

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643 Skyline High - Fruitvale & Montana - AC Transit

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Official AC Transit Data
Updated: Mar 22, 2017



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