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300 BRT Airport/City Centre - Calgary Transit

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87 Applewood/17 Av SE88 Harvest Hills89 Lions Park Station90 Bridgeland/University of Calgary91 Foothills Medical Centre92 McKenzie Towne93 Coach Hill/Westbrook Station95 Palliser96 McKenzie97 South Ranchlands/Scenic Acres98 Cougar Ridge99 Acadia/Oakridge100 North Pointe/Airport/McKnight - Westwinds101 Inglewood102 Douglasdale Express103 McKenzie Express104 Sunnyside/University of Calgary105 Dalhousie Station/Lions Park Station106 Southland/Deerfoot Meadows109 Harvest Hills Express110 Douglas Glen Express111 Old Banff Coach Road113 North Ranchlands/Scenic Acres114 Panorama/Country Hills115 Symons Valley Parkway116 Coventry Hills Express117 McKenzie Towne Express118 Hidden Valley119 Freeport120 North Silver Springs123 Sage Hill/North Pointe Terminal124 Evanston125 Cedarbrae126 Braeside127 Maryvale/ Franklin Industrial128 Cornerstone/ Redstone129 Dalhousie Station/ Sage Hill133 Cranston Express134 South Silver Springs135 Erin Woods/36 St SE138 Citadel142 Panorama Express145 Skyview Ranch/Redstone146 Beddington147 Starfield Industrial148 Great Plains Insustrial149 Point Trotter Industrial150 114 Av SE151 New Brighton Express152 New Brighton153 Copperfield154 Hamptons155 West Dover/Forest Lawn156 Aspen Woods157 Saddletowne Station/Stoney Industrial158 Royal Oak159 Saddlebrook161 North Pointe Terminal/Stoney Industrial167 Walden/Legacy168 Walden/Legacy169 Rocky Ridge174 Tuscany178 Sundance/Chaparral299 Arbour Lake300 BRT Airport/City Centre301 BRT North/City Centre302 BRT Southeast/City Centre303 MAX Orange Brentwood/Saddletowne304 MAX Yellow Woodpark/City Centre305 BRT Bowness/City Centre
306 MAX Teal Westbrook/Douglas Glen307 MAX Purple City Centre/East Hills402 Silverado404 North Hill406 Auburn Bay408 Valley Ridge414 14 St W421 Panatella422 Dalhousie/Montgomery430 Sandstone/North Pointe Terminal440 Chateau Estates/Franklin Station444 Chaparral Valley/Walden449 Eau Claire/Parkhill453 West Springs468 Cranston/Mahogany502 Heritage Park555 Dashmesh Centre627 Columbia College698 17th Ave/Western Canada/St. Mary's699 West Springs/various schools702 Churchill/Nolan Hill703 Churchill/Sherwood704 Churchill/Edgepark Blvd705 Churchill/Edgebrook Rise706 Churchill/Edenwold Dr711 Beaverbrook/Douglasglen712 Beaverbrook/Parkland713 Beaverbrook/Deer Run714 Beaverbrook/Prestwick715 Beaverbrook/Queensland719 Beaverbrook/McKenzie721 Bowness/ Valley Ridge722 Bowness/ Tuscany Ravine723 Bowness/Tuscany Hills724 Bowness/Tuscany North725 Bowness/Silver Springs731 Central Memorial/Riverbend732 Central Memorial/Glamorgan733 Central Memorial/Lakeview734 Central Memorial/Ogden735 Central Memorial/North Ogden736 Diefenbaker/Panorama Hills737 Diefenbaker/ Harvest Hills738 Diefenbaker/Panorama Hills North739 Diefenbaker/Panorama Hills744 Crescent Heights/Coventry- South745 Crescent Heights/Vista Heights746 Crescent Heights/ Coventry Hills747 Crescent Heights/Hidden Valley748 Crescent Heights/ Hidden Ranch750 Nelson Mandela/ Coral Springs752 Fowler/SageHill/Kincora753 Fowler/Evanston/Kincora754 Joane Cardinal-Schubert/Copperpond755 Joane Cardinal-Schubert/Douglasglen756 Joane Cardinal-Schubert/ New Brighton757 Joane Cardinal-Schubert/McKenzie Lake758 Joane Cardinal-Schubert/Douglasdale759 Joane Cardinal-Schubert/McKenzie Towne760 Scarlett / West Bonavista762 Scarlett/Bonavista763 Scarlett/Woodbine764 Scarlett/James McKevitt Rd765 Scarlett/Silverado766 Scarlett/Evergreen767 Sacrlett/ Anderson768 Scarlett/Walden770 Western Canada/Riverbend/Lynnview771 Western Canada/Chinook Stn.773 Robert Thirsk / Rocky Ridge
774 Robert Thirsk/ Royal Oak775 Robert Thirsk / Citadel776 Wise Wood/Palliser/Oakridge777 Wise Wood/Evergreen778 Wise Wood/Woodlands780 Wise Wood/Oakridge781 Bishop Pinkham/ Discovery Ridge782 H.D. Cartwrightl/Nolan Hill783 Dr. Gordon Higgins/ Temple786 John Ware / Woodbine791 Queen Elizabeth/MacEwan792 Queen Elizabeth/Sandstone793 Queen E/ Sunnyside794 F.E. Osborne/ Silver Springs795 F.E. Osborne/ SageHill796 Tom Baines/Edgemont797 Tom Baines/Hamptons798 Annie Gale/Taradale799 Annie Gale/ Coral Springs801 Brebeuf/RoyalOak802 Brebeuf/Hawkwood805 Brebeuf/Hamptons/Edgemont807 Brebeuf/Rocky Ridge810 St. Francis/St Margaret/ North Pointe811 St. Francis/ Tuscany812 St. Francis/E. Arbour Lake/Citadel813 St. Francis/Arbour Lk/ Scenic Acres/Silver Springs814 St. Francis/Royal Oak815 St. Francis/S. Ranchlands/Arbour Lk816 St. Francis/E. Hawkwood/Citadel817 St. Francis/ Rocky Ridge818 St. Francis/Hamptons/Edgemont819 St. Francis/Sherwood/ Edgemont820 St. Francis/Scenic Acres North821 Bishop O'Byrne/McKenzie/Mountain Park825 Bishop Carroll/ Mckenzie Towne Express826 Bishop Carroll/Dalhousie/Brentwood827 Bishop Carroll/Anderson832 Madeleine d'Houet/Sandstone833 Madeleine d'Houet/Dalhousie Stn835 St Bonaventure / Anderson836 St. Vincent de Paul/ Scenic Acres839 Our Lady of Grace/ Evanston843 Notre Dame/Hidden Valley/MacEwan844 Notre Dame/ Evanston845 Msgr J S Smith School/ Mahogany851 St Augustine / Lynnwood / Ogden853 St Augustine / Riverbend858 St. Stephen/Legacy860 Bishop Grandin/ New Brighton861 Bishop Grandin / Douglasdale862 All Saints High / Cranston North863 All Saints High/Mahogany/ Cranston864 All Saints High/Auburn Bay865 All Saints High/Silverado866 All Saints High/Cranston867 All Saints High/ Chaparral868 All Saints High/ 52St SE869 All Saints High/ Somerset Bridlewood LRT871 St. Martha School/ Marlborough872 St. Alphonsus/ Rundle877 Father James Whelihan/Walden878 Father James Whelihan/Chaparral880 St Matthew / Heritage882 Blessed Marie-Rose / Nolan Hill887 St. Elizabeth Seton/ Panorama Hills892 St. Isabella/ Mckenzie894 St. Gregory/ 69 St SW/Strathcona895 St. Gregory/ West Springs/ CougarRidge896 LOA/ Bowness/ Valley Ridge

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Official Calgary Transit Data
Thru Dec 20, 2020

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300 BRT Airport/City Centre - Calgary Transit


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Official Calgary Transit Data
Thru Dec 20, 2020