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Mount Riverview to Penrith

Blue Mountains Transit Bus Schedule

691 Mount Riverview to Penrith - Blue Mountains Transit  ▬

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685 Katoomba to North Wentworth Falls (Loop Service) 685H Springwood to North Hazelbrook (Loop Service) 686 Katoomba to Scenic World via Echo Pt (Loop Service) 686G Katoomba to Katoomba Golf Club via Cliff Dr (Loop Service) 688 Penrith to Emu Heights (Loop Service) 689 Penrith to Leonay (Loop Service) 690C Springwood to Faulconbridge (Loop Service) 690H Katoomba to Katoomba Hospital (Loop Service) 690K Springwood to Katoomba 690P Springwood to Penrith 691 Mount Riverview to Penrith 692B Springwood to Buckland via Lomatia Gardens & Hospital (Loop Service) 692H Springwood to Hawkesbury Heights (Loop Service) 692W Springwood to Winmalee (Loop Service) 692Y Springwood to Yellow Rock (Loop Service) 693 Springwood to Burns Road via Lalor Rd (Loop Service) 694 Springwood to Bee Farm Road (Loop Service) 695 Katoomba to South Leura (Loop Service) 696 Katoomba to South Katoomba via Clissold & Ada Sts (Loop Service) 697 Katoomba to North Katoomba (Loop Service) 698 Katoomba to Blackheath (Loop Service) 698V Katoomba to Mt Victoria (Loop Service) 8101 Emu Plains to Nepean HS 8102 Emu Heights to Penrith Schools 8103 Gardenia Av to Nepean St 8104 Mt Riverview to Wycliffe Christian School 8105 Warrimoo to McCarthy HS 8106 Emu Heights to Penrith Anglican College 8107 Lapstone to Glenbrook PS via St Finbars 8108 Emu Heights to Penrith Christian Community School 8109 Blaxland East PS to Penrith Anglican College 8111 Mt Riverview to Blaxland HS 8112 Glenbrook Rd at Olivet St to St Finbars & Glenbrook PS 8113 Emu Heights to St Dominics School 8115 Mt Riverview to Glenbrook PS via Blaxland HS 8116 Lapstone to Blaxland HS & Wycliffe Christian School 8117 South Glenbrook to Blaxland HS & East Blaxland PS 8118 Emu Heights to St Pauls Grammar 8119 Glenbrook to St Columba's Catholic College & Blaxland HS 8121 Darcy Smith Oval to McCarthy HS 8122 Richmond Station to Wycliffe Christian School 8123 Hawkesbury Rd to Nepean Christian School 8124 Mt Riverview to Penrith Anglican College 8125 Great Western Hwy before Lamrock St to Emu Plains PS 8126 Emu Plains Bus Depot to Blaxland HS 8130 Emu Plains to St Columba's Catholic College 8201 Linden to St Thomas Aquinas PS 8202 Springwood Station to Penrith Anglican College 8203 Forbes St to Blaxland PS 8204 Norman Lindsay Gallery to Springwood PS 
8205 Springwood Station to Wycliffe Christian School 8207 Valley Heights Depot to Winmalee HS 8209 Burns Place to Springwood HS 8210 Springwood Station to Winmalee HS 8211 Hawkesbury Rd at Moore Rd to Winmalee HS 8212 Springwood Station to St Pauls Grammar School 8213 Hawkesbury Rd opp Lee Rd to Lapstone PS 8214 Mt Riverview to St Columba's Catholic College & St Thomas Aquinas PS 8215 Hawkesbury Rd after Lawson Rd to Ellison PS 8216 Hawkesbury Heights to Wycliffe Christian School 8217 Rusden Rd at Bunbinla Av to Blaxland HS 8218 Blaxland HS to St Finbars & Glenbrook PS 8220 Valley Heights to Springwood HS 8221 Springwood HS to Winmalee PS 8223 Woodford to St Columba's Catholic College & St Thomas Aquinas PS 8224 Burns Place to Winmalee HS 8225 Hawkesbury Heights to Winmalee HS 8226 Linden to Springwood HS & Winmalee HS 8227 Hawkesbury Heights to Winmalee & Ellison PS 8228 Yellow Rock to Winmalee HS 8229 Yellow Rock to Springwood PS 8230 Hazelbrook to Springwood HS 8231 Homedale St after Springwood Av to Ellison PS 8232 Lawson Station to St Columba's Catholic College & St Thomas Aquinas PS 8233 Lawson to Springwood HS 8235 Aldgate House to Wycliffe & St Thomas Aquinas PS 8236 Lapstone Glenbrook to St Thomas St Columbas 8237 Valley Heights Warrimoo via Railway Pde to BHS 8240 Lawson to Hazelbrook 8249 Warrimoo to St Columba's Catholic College 8250 Springwood to St Columba's Catholic College 8301 Lawson Station to Lawson PS & Katoomba 8302 Leura Depot to Springwood HS 8303 Hazelbrook Station to Springwood HS & Faulconbridge PS 8304 Hazelbrook PS to Steiner School 8306 North Katoomba to Katoomba PS & HS 8309 Wentworth Falls to Blue Mountains Grammar School 8310 Leura Station to Wycliffe Christian School 8311 Wycliffe Christian School to Blaxland & Warrimoo PS 8312 Valley Heights to Springwood PS 8313 Leura Depot to St Columba's Catholic College & St Thomas Aquinas PS 8314 BM Emergency Centre to St Columba's Catholic College 8315 North Wentworth Falls to St Columba's Catholic College 8316 Katoomba to Leura PS viaNorthKatoomba 8320 Katoomba to Wentworth Falls 8321 Katoomba to Blackheath Station 8323 Hazelbrook to Woodford Station 8324 North Katoomba to Katoomba HS 8325 Katoomba to Wentworth Falls PS 8330 Katoomba to Katoomba High School 
8331 Blackheath to Katoomba High School 8332 Katoomba to Leura Public School 8333 Katoomba to Katoomba North Public School via Leura 8334 Springwood High School to Blue Mountains Christian School 8502 Blaxland East PS to Mt Riverview PS 8503 Mt Riverview PS to Koala Rd, Blaxland 8504 Blaxland HS to East Blaxland 8507 Blaxland East PS to St Finbars PS 8508 St Finbars PS to Mt Sion 8510 Wycliffe Christian School to St Finbars PS 8511 St Finbars PS to Lapstone 8512 Nepean District CS to Emu Plains Rd 8514 Emu Plains to Penrith Interchange 8516 Wycliffe Christian School to Lee Rd Shops 8517 St Thomas Aquinas PS to Penrith Plaza 8518 McCarthy HS to Leonay 8520 St Dominic's College to Emu Heights 8521 Caroline Chisholm Girls HS to Emu Heights 8522 Nepean HS to Emu Heights 8523 McCarthy HS to Emu Heights 8524 Penrith Anglican College to Emu Heights 8526 Wyclffe Christian School to Warrimoo 8527 St Pauls Grammar to Emu Heights 8528 Blaxland East PS to Glenbrook 8529 Blaxland HS to Lennox Shopping Centre 8531 St Pauls Grammar to Springwood 8532 Nepean HS to Emu Heights 8533 McCarthy HS to Blaxland Shops 8534 Wycliffe to Richmond Station via Nepean HS 8536 Wycliffe to Lapstone via St Columba's Catholic College 8538 Nepean HS to Old Great Western Hwy via Leonay 8539 Penrith Anglican College to Mount Riverview 8544 St Columba's Catholic College to Emu Plains 8601 Wycliffe Christian School to Emu Plains Rd 8602 St Finbars PS to Blaxland Station 8603 Blaxland Station to Springwood Station 8605 Penrith Anglican College to Springwood Station 8606 Springwood PS to Winmalee Fire Brigade 8607 Blaxland HS to Rusden Rd at Bunbinla Av 8608 Blaxland HS to Warrimoo Station 8609 Springwood HS to Ellison PS & Winmalee HS 8610 St Thomas Aquinas PS to Green Pde nr Cambridge St 8612 St Columba's Catholic College to Winmalee Fire Brigade 8613 St Columba's Catholic College to Valley Heights Depot 8614 Winmalee HS to Warrimoo 8615 Warrimoo PS to Blaxland Station 8617 Wycliffe Christian School to Macquarie Rd near Stanway Av 8618 Springwood PS to Springwood Anglican Church 8620 Winmalee HS to Halcyon Av after Hawkesbury Rd 8621 Winmalee PS to Yellow Rock 
8622 St Thomas Aquinas PS to Great Western Hwy after Lugano Av 8623 Winmalee HS to Hawkesbury Rd opp Lawson Rd 8624 St Columba's Catholic College to Norman Lindsay Gallery 8625 Winmalee HS & PS to Hawkesbury Heights 8626 Winmalee PS to Hawkesbury Rd opp Paulwood Ave 8627 St Columba's Catholic College to Winmalee & Hawkesbury Heights 8628 Winmalee HS to Springwood Station 8629 St Columba's Catholic College to Springwood Station 8630 St Columba's Catholic College to Lawson 8631 Winmalee HS to Yellow Rock 8632 St Columba's Catholic College to Great Western Hwy after Lugano Av 8633 Winmalee HS to Waratah Village 8634 St Columba's Catholic College to Mt Riverview 8635 Ellison PS to Springwood Hospital 8636 St Columba's Catholic College to Yellow Rock 8637 Winmalee HS to Springwood Station 8638 Glenbrook PS to Mt Sion 8639 Penrith Anglican College to Blaxland East PS 8640 Springwood HS to Highland Rd 8641 St Columba's Catholic College to Linden 8642 Springwood HS to Hazelbrook 8644 Springwood HS & Faulconbridge PS to Hazelbrook 8646 St Columba's Catholic College to Darwin Dr after Governors Dr 8650 Hazelbrook Public School to Hazelbrook Shops 8651 Hazelbrook Public School to Springwood 8652 Springwood Baptist Church to Springwood 8653 Springwood to Faulconbridge Public School 8654 Wenthworth Falls PS to Springwood 8701 Katoomba HS to Hazelbrook Station 8702 Wentworth Falls PS to St Canices PS 8704 Springwood HS to Katoomba 8705 Springwood HS to Katoomba 8706 St Columba's Catholic College to Katoomba 8707 Lawson PS to Hazelbrook Station 8709 St Columba's Catholic College to Leura PS 8710 Wentworth Falls PS to Blackheath 8712 Springwood HS to Hazelbrook Shops via North Hazelbrook 8713 St Columba's Catholic College to Lovel St near Wilson St 8714 Winmalee HS to Linden 8715 Carrington Hotel to Albion St before Great Western Hwy 8716 Leura PS to Katoomba 8717 Blackheath PS to Blue Mountains Wildlife Centre 8718 Blue Mountains Christian School to Hazelbrook Station 8722 KHS to North Katoomba via Civic 8728 Kindle Hill to Blackheath 8736 Katoomba High School to Blackheath 8737 Katoomba High School to Blackheath 8738 St Columba's Catholic College to Warrimoo N70 Penrith to City Town Hall via Parramatta (Night Service) 

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Official Blue Mountains Transit Schedule Data
Updated Apr 11, 2024
Stop codes may be application specific.

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691 Mount Riverview to Penrith - Blue Mountains Transit

Sunday (Apr 14, 2024 - Jul 14, 2024)

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1 6d7922fd2f44af1c4b52faef5e8cc4d8 e460c709192275ab9fa2d21e252bf2bd d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e 0 74401 en-us 36000 2 Sunday (Apr 14, 2024 - Jul 14, 2024) Blue Mountains Transit Blue Mountains Transit 691 Mount Riverview to Penrith New South Wales Australia 0 1 -33.882621,151.206582

Official Blue Mountains Transit Schedule Data
Updated Apr 11, 2024
Stop codes may be application specific.