322 Newton Exchange/Scottsdale Bus
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322 Scottsdale 322 Newton Exchange

322 Newton Exchange/Scottsdale - TransLink Vancouver

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002 Macdonald/Burrard Station003 Main/Waterfront Station004 Powell/Downtown/UBC005 Robson/Downtown006 Davie/Downtown007 Nanaimo Station/Dunbar008 Fraser/Waterfront Station009 Boundary/Commercial-Broadway/Granville/Alma/UBC010 Granville/Waterfront Station014 Hastings/UBC015 Cambie/Olympic Village Station016 29th Avenue Station/Arbutus017 Downtown/Oak019 Metrotown Station/Stanley Park020 Victoria/Downtown022 Knight/Downtown023 Main St Station/English Bay025 Brentwood Station/UBC026 Joyce Station/29th Avenue Station027 Kootenay Loop/Joyce Station028 Phibbs Exchange/Joyce Station029 Elliott/29th Avenue Station031 Metrotown Station/River District033 29th Avenue Station/UBC041 Joyce Station/Crown042 Alma/Spanish Banks044 UBC/Downtown049 Metrotown Station/Dunbar Loop/UBC050 Waterfront Station/False Creek South068 UBC Exchange/Wesbrook Village080 Marine Dr Station/River District084 UBC/VCC-Clark Station099 Commercial-Broadway/UBC (B-Line) 100 22nd St Station/Marpole Loop101 Lougheed Station/22nd St Station102 New Westminster Station/Victoria Hill103 New Westminster Station/Quayside104 22nd St Station/Annacis Island105 Uptown/New Westminster Station106 New Westminster Station/Edmonds Station109 New Westminster Station/Lougheed Station110 Lougheed Station/Metrotown Station116 Edmonds Station/Metrotown Station119 Edmonds Station/Metrotown Station123 New West Station/Brentwood Station128 Braid Station/22nd Street Station129 Patterson Station/Holdom Station130 Metrotown/Pender/Kootenay131 Hastings @ Gilmore/Kootenay Loop132 Capitol Hill/Hastings @ Gilmore133 Holdom Station/Edmonds Station134 Lake City Station/Brentwood Station136 Lougheed Station/Brentwood Station143 Burquitlam Station/SFU144 SFU/Metrotown Station145 SFU/Production Station146 Metrotown Station/Suncrest
147 Metrotown Station/Edmonds Station148 Royal Oak Station/Edmonds Station150 Coquitlam Central Station/White Pine Beach151 Coquitlam Central Station/Burquitlam Station152 Coquitlam Central Station/Lougheed Station153 Coquitlam Central Station/Braid Station155 Braid Station/22nd Street Station156 Braid Station/Lougheed Station157 Burquitlam Station/Lougheed Station159 Coquitlam Central Station/Braid Station160 Port Coquitlam Station/Kootenay Loop169 Coquitlam Central Station/Braid Station170 Port Coquitlam Station/Port Coquitlam South171 Coquitlam Central Station/Fremont172 Coquitlam Central Station/Riverside173 Coquitlam Central Station/Cedar174 Coquitlam Central Station/Rocklin175 Coquitlam Central Station/Meridian179 Coquitlam Central Station/Buntzen Lake180 Moody Centre Station/Lougheed Station181 Moody Centre Station/Ioco182 Moody Centre Station/Belcarra183 Moody Centre Station/Coquitlam Central Station184 Moody Centre Station/Noons Creek185 Coquitlam Central Station/Lansdowne186 Coquitlam Central Station/Hampton Park187 Coquitlam Central Station/Parkway Blvd188 Coquitlam Central Station/Port Coquitlam Station189 Coquitlam Central Station/Lafarge Park191 Coquitlam Central Station/Princeton209 Upper Lynn Valley/Burrard Station210 Upper Lynn Valley/Burrard Station211 Seymour/Phibbs Exchange/Burrard Station212 Deep Cove/Phibbs Exchange214 Blueridge/Phibbs Exchange/Burrard Station215 Indian River/Phibbs Exchange222 Metrotown Station/Phibbs Exchange227 Lynn Valley/Phibbs Exchange228 Lynn Valley/Lonsdale Quay229 Lynn Valley/Lonsdale Quay230 Upper Lonsdale/Lonsdale Quay231 Harbourside/Lonsdale Quay232 Grouse Mountain/Phibbs Exchange236 Grouse Mountain/Lonsdale Quay240 Lynn Valley/Downtown241 Upper Lonsdale/Downtown245 Phibbs/Capilano246 Highland/Downtown247 Grouse Mountain/Downtown249 Lonsdale Quay/Delbrook250 Horseshoe Bay/Dundarave/Vancouver251 Queens/Park Royal252 Inglewood/Park Royal253 Caulfeild/Vancouver/Park Royal254 British Properties/Park Royal/Van255 Dundarave/Capilano University256 Whitby Estate/Park Royal/Spuraway
257 Horseshoe Bay/Vancouver Express262 Lions Bay/Caulfeild280 Bluewater/Snug Cove281 Eagle Cliff/Snug Cove282 Mt Gardner/Snug Cove301 Newton Exchange/Brighouse Station310 Scottsdale/Ladner311 Scottsdale/Bridgeport Station312 Scottsdale/Scott Road Station314 Surrey Central/Sunbury316 Surrey Central Station/Scottsdale319 Scott Station/Newton Exchange/Scottsdale320 Langley/Fleetwood/Surrey Central Station321 White Rock/Newton/Surrey Central Station322 Newton Exchange/Scottsdale323 Newton Exchange/Surrey Central Station324 Newton Exchange/Surrey Central Station325 Newton Exchange/Surrey Central Station326 Guildford/Surrey Central Station329 Surrey Central Station/Scottsdale335 Newton/Surrey Central Station337 Fraser Heights/Guildford/Surrey Centre340 Scottsdale/22nd St Station341 Guildford/Newton Exchange342 Langley Centre/Newton Exchange345 King George Station/White Rock Centre350 White Rock Centre/Crescent Beach351 White Rock Centre/Bridgeport Station352 Ocean Park/Bridgeport Station354 White Rock South/Bridgeport Station360 Ocean Park/Peace Arch Hospital361 Ocean Park/White Rock Centre362 Seaside/White Rock Centre363 Southpoint/Peace Arch Hospital364 Langley Centre/Scottsdale370 Cloverdale/Willowbrook371 Surrey Central/Scott Rd Station372 Clayton Heights/Langley Centre373 Guildford/Surrey Central Station375 White Rock/White Rock South/Guildford388 22nd St Station/Carvolth Exchange391 Scottsdale/Scott Road Station393 Newton Exchange/Surrey Central Station394 White Rock/King George Station Express395 Langley Centre/King George Station401 Richmond-Brighouse Station/One Road402 Two Road/Brighouse Station403 Bridgeport Station/Three Road404 Four Road/Brighouse Station405 Five Road/Cambie406 Richmond Brighouse Station/Steveston407 Gilbert/Bridgeport408 Brighouse/Ironwood/Riverport410 Richmond-Brighouse Station/22nd St Station412 Bridgeport Station/Sea Island South413 Riverport/Steveston414 Richmond Oval/Brighouse Station
416 East Cambie/Brighouse Station418 Kingswood/22nd St Station430 Metrotown/Brighouse Station501 Langley Centre/Surrey Central Station502 Langley Centre/Surrey Central Station503 Aldergrove/Surrey Central Station509 Walnut Grove/Surrey Central Station531 White Rock Centre/Willowbrook555 Carvolth Exchange/Lougheed Station560 Murrayville/Langley Centre561 Langley Centre/Brookswood562 Langley Centre/Walnut Grove563 Langley Centre/Fernridge564 Langley Centre/Willowbrook595 Maple Meadows Station/Langley Centre601 South Delta/Boundary Bay/Bridgeport602 Tsawwassen Heights/Bridgeport603 Beach Grove/Bridgeport604 English Bluff/Bridgeport606 Ladner Ring608 Ladner Ring609 Tsawwassen First Nation/South Delta614 English Bluff/South Delta Exchange616 Ladner South/Ladner Exchange618 Ladner North/Ladner Exchange619 Boundary Bay/South Delta Recreation Centre620 Tsawwassen Ferry/Bridgeport Station640 Ladner Exchange/Scott Road Station701 Haney/Maple Ridge East/Coquitlam Station719 Meadowtown/Fraser Way722 Meadowtown/Bonson733 Rock Ridge/Haney Place/Port Haney Station741 Anderson Creek/Haney Place/Port Haney St743 Haney Place/Maple Meadows Station/Meadowtown744 Haney Place/Maple Meadows Station/Meadowtown745 Haney Place/Cottonwood746 Haney Place/Albion748 Thornhill/Haney Place749 Ruskin/Haney Place791 Haney Place/Braid Station900 Bike Bus/Bike BusN8 Downtown/Fraser NightBusN9 Downtown/Lougheed Station/Coquitlam Central StationN10 Downtown/Richmond NightBusN15 Downtown/Cambie NightBusN17 Downtown/UBC NightBusN19 Downtown/Surrey Central Station NightBusN20 Downtown/Victoria NightBusN22 Downtown/Macdonald NightBusN24 Downtown/Lynn Valley NightBusN35 Downtown/SFU NightBusR1 King George Blvd R2 Marine Dr R3 Lougheed Hwy R4 41st Ave R5 Hastings St R6 Scott Rd 


Stop times Sunday (Jun 30, 2024 - Sep 1, 2024)

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Official TransLink Schedule Data
Updated Jun 28, 2024

Route Map Sunday (Jun 30, 2024 - Sep 1, 2024)

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322 Newton Exchange/Scottsdale - TransLink

Sunday (Jun 30, 2024 - Sep 1, 2024)

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1 7a903cee9959db59cdf51b8149a0f652 e7c6ab6296f0b9363e288ab072acdecb d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e 0 37817 en-us -25200 2 Sunday (Jun 30, 2024 - Sep 1, 2024) TransLink Vancouver TransLink 322 Newton Exchange/Scottsdale British Columbia Canada 0 1 53.726669,-127.647621

Official TransLink Schedule Data
Updated Jun 28, 2024