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182 Rutherford to Thornton via Maitland, Green Hills Shopping Centre & Ashtonfield - Hunter Valley Buses (Region 2)  ▬

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0011 Lemon Tree Passage to Tanilba Bay PS 0012 President Wilson Walk to Tanilba Bay PS 0032 Greta to Rutherford HS 0037 Raymond Terrace PS to Government Rd Thornton 0050 Millers Forest PS to Raymond Terrace PS 0051 Raymond Terrace PS to Phillip Rd 0052 Hunter River HS to Raymond Terrace & Bellevue 0061 Tanilba Bay PS to Oyster Cove 0062 Salt Ash PS to Lemon Tree Passage 0072 Roslyn Estate to Hunter River HS 0073 Nelson Bay Rd after Richardson Rd to Lemon Tree Passage via Tanilba Bay PS 0091 Berry Park to St Joseph's PS 0111 Meadowie Rd to Irrawang HS 136 Stockton to Raymond Terrace via Medowie 137 Lemon Tree Passage to Raymond Terrace via Medowie 138 Newcastle Interchange to Lemon Tree Passage via Airport 140 Newcastle Interchange to Raymond Terrace 141 Raymond Terrace to Dawson Rd and Kent St (Loop Service) 0142 Raymond Terrace PS to Rees James Rd 0143 Hunter River HS to Sturgeon St 0144 Thornton Depot to Grahamstown PS via Seaham 145 Newcastle Airport to Green Hills Shopping Centre via Raymond Terrace 0161 Raymond Terrace PS to Hunter River HS 0162 Hunter River HS to Mallabula 177 Rutherford to Aberglasslyn via Budgeree Dr (Loop Service) 178 Rutherford to Anambah Rd via Rutherford Industrial Estate (Loop Service) 179 North Rothbury to Green Hills Shopping Centre via Maitland 180 Singleton Heights to Green Hills Shopping Centre via Maitland 180X Singleton Station to Maitland Station (Express Service) 181 Rutherford to Woodberry via Maitland, Green Hills Shopping Centre & Beresfield 182 Rutherford to Thornton via Maitland, Green Hills Shopping Centre & Ashtonfield 183 Rutherford to Tenambit via Maitland & Green Hills Shopping Centre 184 Morpeth to Green Hills Shopping Centre via Tenambit & East Maitland 185 Largs to Maitland via Bolwarra & Lorn 186 Rutherford to Aberglasslyn via Denton Park Dr (Loop Service) 187 Green Hills Shopping Centre to Wilton Dr (Loop Service) 188 Green Hills Shopping Centre to Woodlands Estate via Maitland Hospital 189 Green Hills Shopping Centre to Thornton via Chisholm 192 Maitland to South Maitland (Loop Service) 0281 St Pauls PS to Largs Ave & Paterson Rd 0301 East Maitland PS to Pacific & South Seas Dr 0321 East Maitland PS to Thornton 0331 Bendeigh Property to Miller Park 0332 Bendeigh Property to Branxton PS 0333 Branxton East to Branxton PS 0334 St Brigids PS to Branxton PS 0335 Branxton PS to Bell Rd & New England Hwy 0336 Miller Park to Bemdiegh Property 0342 Tenambit PS to East Maitland PS & St Josephs PS 0343 Maitland Grossmann HS to HS School St before Lee St 0344 Maitland HS to Maitland TAFE 401 Singleton Square to Hospital via Civic Park & Station (Loop Service) 402 Singleton to Hunterview via Darlington (Loop Service) 403 Singleton to Hunterview via Singleton Heights (Loop Service) 404 Singleton to Singleton Heights via Hunterview (Loop Service) 0451 Hunter Valley Grammar to Singleton 1001 Callaghan College to Stockton Wharf 1151 Paterson Rd to Bishop Tyrell Anglican College 1180 Wirreanda Public School to Medowie Primary School 1181 Raymond Terrace to Catherine McAuley via Williamtown 1182 Catherine McAuley to Raymond Terrace via Williamtown 1183 Catherine McAuley to Federation Dr (Loop Service) 1191 Raymond Terrace to Catherine McAuley College 1192 Wirreanda Public School to Catherine McAuley College 1193 Medowie to Wirreanda Public School 1194 Catherine McAuley College to Raymond Terrace 1201 Lemon Tree Passage to St Brigids PS & Hunter River HS 1202 Hunter School of Performing Arts to Lemon Tree Passage 1211 Mallabula & Tanilba Bay to Grahamstown PS 1221 Seaham & Brandy Hill to Raymond Terrace 1223 Mayfield Christian College to Chisholm Rd 1231 Oyster Cove & Salt Ash to Raymond Terrace PS 1232 Raymond Terrace PS to Bellevue & Greenslopes 1233 Hunter River HS to Lemon Tree Passage Rd at Oyster Rd 1241 Lemon Tree Passage to Medowie Christian School 1245 San Clemente HS to Lisadell Rd 1251 St Phillips Christian College to Lemon Tree Passage 1261 Tregenna St to Maitland HS 1262 Raymond Terrace PS to Pommie Hill & Tomago 1263 Williamtown PS to Stockton 1271 Clarence Town to Grahamstown PS 1272 Callaghan College to Clarence Town 1281 Medowie to Irrawang HS 1282 Raymond Terrace to Medowie PS 1283 Medowie to Medowie Christian & PS 1284 Raymond Terrace PS to Lakeview & Medowie 1291 Bellevue & Lakeside to San Clemente HS 1292 San Clemente HS to Raymond Terrace 1293 Francis Greenway HS to All Saints College St Peters Campus 1294 All Saints College St Peters Campus to Raymond Terrace 1301 Lemon Tree Passage to Irrawang HS & Raymond Terrace 1303 Wighton St to Mt Kanwary School 1304 San Clemente HS to Lakeside 1311 Medowie & Richardson to Newcastle Grammar 1312 Woodberry to Beresfield 1313 Raymond Terrace PS to Clyde Ct 1314 Irrawang HS to Lemon Tree Passage 1321 Tanilba Bay to Raymond Terrace 1322 Treganna St to Grahamstown PS 1323 Tighes Hill PS to Howell & Dawson 1331 Thornton to Seaham PS 1332 Seaham PS to Seaham PS 1333 Seaham PS to Glen Oak & Seaham 1341 Lemon Tree Passage to St Phillips College 1342 Tomago to Raymond Terrace Schools 1344 Hunter River HS to Tanilba Bay & Lemon Tree Passage 1351 Medowie to Tomaree HS 1352 Lemon Tree Passage to Tanilba Bay PS 1353 Tomaree HS to Lemon Tree Passage 1361 Medowie to Irrawang HS 1362 Campvale to Wirreandra PS 1365 Grahamstown PS to Mt Hall & Irrawang Rd 1366 Hunter River HS to Irrawang HS 1367 Irrawang HS to Medowie 
1371 Medowie to Fern Bay PS 1374 Glendale Technology HS to Elermore Vale 1376 Wallsend HS to Goat Hill & Cressington Way 1377 Our Lady of Victories & Plattsburg PS to Maryland 1378 Maryland PS to Maryland 1381 Williamtown to Hunter River HS 1382 Medowie PS to Medowie & Campvale 1383 Wirreandra PS to Abundance & Lisadell Rds 1391 Medowie to Newcastle Grammar 1392 Rutherfortd HS to Branxton East 1393 St Patricks PS to Rutherford HS 1401 Medowie to Newcastle HS 1402 Merewether HS to Stockton & Medowie 1411 Medowie to Newcastle HS 1412 St Phillips Christian College to Medowie 1421 Nelson Bay & Vardon Rds to Newcastle HS 1423 Metford Christian School to Morpeth Rd 1424 Maitland Grossman HS to Bolwarra 1425 Francis Greenway HS to Greygum & Forest 1431 Nelson Bay Rd to Merewether HS 1433 Medowie Christian College to Medowie 1441 Campvale to Hunter Valley Grammar 1442 Ashtonfield to St Josephs PS 1446 Linuwel School to Largs via Lochinvar 1451 Medowie to Irrawang HS 1461 Lemon Tree Passage to Callaghan College 1462 Wallsend to Wallsend PS 1463 Irrawang HS to Medowie 1471 Hunter Valley Grammar to Medowie 1481 Bellevue & Raymond Terrace to Bishop Tyrell College 1482 Medowie Public to Medowie Christian School 1483 Medowie Christian School to Lemon Tree Passage 1484 Wirreanda Public School to Medowie Christian School 1491 Callaghan College to Maryland Dr & Minmi Rd 1492 Bishop Tyrell College to Raymond Terrace 1501 Rutherford Shops to Macquarie College 1502 Hunter Christian School to Rutherford Shops 1511 Macquarie Dr to Linuwel School 1512 Linuwel School to St Joseph's PS 1513 Linuwel School to Macquarie Dr & Glad Gunston Dr 1611 Medowie to Irrawang HS 1621 Irrawang HS to Federation Dr near Glanmorgan Av 1623 Irrawang HS to Medowie 1631 Grahamstown PS to Seaham 1641 Richardson Rd & Pacific Hwy to St Michaels PS 1642 St Michaels PS to Lemon Tree Passage 1651 Medowie to Newcastle HS 1652 Newcastle HS to Medowie 1662 Hunter Sports HS to Hexham McDonalds 1671 Medowie to Newcastle Schools 1672 San Clemente to Medowie 2161 All Saints College St Peters Campus to Tocal Rd near Hilldale Dr 2171 Greenhills to Chisholm Estate 2191 East Maitland to All Saints College Lochinvar 2192 Rutherford to St Johns PS 2193 Francis Greenway HS to Taylor Ave 2194 Thornton PS to Raymond Terrace Rd 2201 Thornton to Francis Greenway HS 2202 Tarro to Ashtonfield PS 2203 Ferrably Dr & Lowe St to Maitland HS 2204 Newcastle HS to Medowie 2211 Telarah to St Patricks Lochinvar 2212 Greta to Rutherford HS 2213 Harvey Rd area to Telarah PS 2214 Rutherford HS to Greta 2215 St Patricks PS to Telarah 2218 Hunter Valley Grammar to Hunterglen Dr & Paterson Rd 2221 Louth Park Waterford Estate to Maitland HS 2223 Astonfield PS to Thornton 2224 Maitland HS to Metford Tafe 2225 Francis Greenway HS to Thomas Coke Dr & Taylor Ave 2231 Brunswick St & Richardson Dr to St John the Baptist PS 2232 Bolwarra Heights to Bolwarra PS 2233 All Saints College St Marys Campus to Rutherford 2241 Dunmore Rd to All Saints College St Marys Campus 2242 Bolwarra to Maitland Grossmann HS & Maitland HS 2244 East Maitland PS to Ashtonfield 2245 All Saints College St Peters Campus to Johnsons Farm Gate 2251 Martins Creek to Hunter Valley Grammar 2252 Ashtonfield Area to East Maitland PS 2253 Maitland & Lochinvar to Branxton 2261 Hanwood Estate to Rutherford HS 2263 St Pauls PS to Bishops Bridge 2271 Vacy to Maitland Christian School 2272 Maitland Christian School to Tenambit PS 2273 Tenambit PS to Morpeth PS 2274 Metford Christian School to Paterson 2281 Wydham St, Branxton to Merewether HS 2282 Merewether HS to Miller Park 2283 Merewether HS to Miller Park 2291 Largs to St Johns PS 2292 East Maitland PS to East Maitland 2293 All Saints College St Peters Campus to Worchester Dr & Chisholm Rd 2294 All Saints College St Marys Campus to Bolwarra Heights 2301 Woodville to St Josephs PS 2302 Hunter Valley Grammar to East Maitland & Louth Park 2303 Maitland Grossmann HS to Thornton 2311 Bishops Bridge to St Josephs PS 2312 Macquarie College to Rutherford 2313 All Saints College St Marys Campus to Richardson Road 2322 Morpeth to Largs PS 2323 St Johns PS to All Saints College St Marys Campus 2324 All Saints College St Peters Campus to Tenambit 2325 All Saints College St Marys Campus to Tenambit 2331 Branxton to All Saints College St Peters Campus 2332 Greenhills to East Maitland PS 2333 Metford Christian College to Rutherford 2340 Beresfield to Millers Forest PS 2341 Duckenfield to Morpeth PS 2342 Wallalong to Hinton PS 2344 Rutherford PS to Windella 2351 Bolwarra Heights to Ashtonfield PS 2352 Astonfield to Maitland HS 2353 Metford Christian to Bolwarra Heights 
2361 Clarence Town to All Saints Maitland 2362 All Saints College St Peters Campus to East Maitland PS 2363 St Pauls PS to Ashtonfield 2364 All Saints College St Marys Campus to Telarah 2371 Bolwarra Heights to St Phillips PS 2372 Thornton to Our Lady of Loudes PS 2373 Hunter Christian Mayfield to Dunmore & Morpeth 2381 Rutherford Shops to Merewether HS 2382 Francis Greenway HS to Thornton 2383 Francis Greenway HS to Thornton 2384 Thornton PS to Thornton 2391 Blackhill & John Renshaw Dr to Francis Greenway HS 2392 Meadows Estate to Our Lady of Lourdes PS 2396 Linuwel School to East Maitland 2397 Maitland Grossman HS to Ashtonfield 2401 Metford Shops to Francis Greenway HS 2402 Woodberry to Maitland HS 2403 St Patricks PS to Lochinvar 2404 All Saints Lochinvar to Maitland Station 2411 Cessnock Rd & Drinan St to Rutherford HS 2412 Rutherford to St Johns PS 2416 St Josephs PS to Duckenfield 2421 Butterwick Rd & Dunns Creek to Maitland HS 2422 Tenambit to Rutherford PS 2423 Morpeth PS to Wallalong 2431 New England Hwy & Victoria St to St Josephs PS 2432 Maitland Christian to Ashtonfield 2433 Maitland Grossmann HS & Maitland HS to Sommerset Dr 2434 Irrawong HS to Kindlebark 2441 Branxton to Greta PS 2442 Greta PS to East Branxton 2451 Hanwood Estate to East Maitland PS 2452 Hunter Valley Grammar School to Maitland 2461 Rosebank Estate to St Peters Campus 2462 St John PS to Ashtonfield 2463 All Saints College St Marys Campus to McFarlanes & Raymond Terrace Rds 2471 Maitland Station to Gateshead HS 2472 Gateshead HS to Maitland Station 2481 Anambah Rd Turnaround to Rutherford HS 2482 Lochinvar PS to Anambah Rd 2491 Bolwarra Heights to Lochinvar PS 2493 Beresford PS to Thornton 2494 Maitland Grossmann HS to Metford TAFE 2495 All Saints College St Marys Campus to Greta 2501 All Saints College St Marys Campus to Greta 2502 Thornton to St Josephs PS 2503 Metford PS to Woodville 2511 Timberlane Estate to Francis Greenway HS 2512 Thornton to Maitland PS 2513 Francis Greenway HS to Thornton & Metford 2514 Millers For PS to Beresfield PS to Minmi Rd 2521 Buchanan to Metford PS 2522 Merewether HS to Bolwarra Heights 2531 Seaham to East Maitland PS 2532 Maitland PS to Louth Park 2541 Timberland Estate to All Saints College St Peters Campus 2542 Brunswick Estate to Maitland HS 2543 Maitland Christian College to Morpeth 2551 Thornton to Francis Greenway HS 2552 Ashtonfield to St John the Baptist PS 2555 St Peters PS to Williamtown PS 2561 Morpeth Rd to Rutherford PS 2562 Rutherford HS to North Rothbury 2563 Lochinvar Schools to Windella Downs 2570 Tea Tree Av at Rivergum Dr to Rutherford Shopping Centre 2571 Aberglasslyn to All Saints College St Josephs Campus 2572 Fairfax & Dunkley St to Telarah PS 2573 East Maitland PS to Ashtonfield 2574 St Peters to Thornton 2581 North Rothbury to Rutherford HS 2582 Rutherford to Rutherford PS 2584 Largs PS to Bolwarra Heights 2585 Bolwarra PS to Largs 2586 St Peters PS to Swan St & Morpeth Rd 2591 Aberglasslyn Rd & Alexander Ave to Metford TAFE 2592 Metford to Maitland HS 2593 St Johns PS to Largs 2594 All Saints College St Marys Campus to Thornton 2601 Summerset Park to All Saints College St Peters Campus 2602 Ashtonfield to Maitland HS 2603 Hunter Valley Grammar to All Saints College St Peters Campus 2611 Victoria St Station to Bishop Tyrell College 2612 Linuwel School to Morpeth 2613 Morpeth PS to Raworth 2614 East Maitland PS to Morpeth 2615 Maitland HS to Metford TAFE 2621 Ashtonfield to Maitland HS 2622 Timberlane Estate to Woodberry PS 2623 Metford PS to George Booth Dr 2631 Morpeth to All Saints College St Peters Campus 2632 Timberlane Estate to Maitland HS 2633 St Johns PS to Rathluba 2634 All Saints College St Peters College to Woodberry 2641 Seaham PS to Glenoak & Brandy Hill 2652 Francis Greenway HS to Thornton Depot 2661 Francis Greenway HS to Parkwood 2662 Our Lady of Lourdes PS to Thornton 2663 Maitland Grossmann HS & Maitland HS to Metford 2664 All Saints College St Marys Campus to Greta 2691 Metford CS to Reflection Dr & Louth Pk Dr 2692 All Saints College St Peters Campus to Thornton 2693 St Bede's to Raymond Terrace 2694 Raymond Terrace to St Aloysius 2695 St Bede's to Beresfield 2696 Woodberry to St Aloysius 2697 St Aloysius to Thornton east 2698 Thornton east to St Aloysius 2699 St Aloysius to Thornton west 2700 St Aloysius Catholic PS to Thornton West 2701 Aberglasslyn to All Saints College St Josephs Campus 2702 St Pats & St Joes to Aberglasslyn to Alexandra Ave 2703 Rutherford HS to Aberglasslyn to Alexandra Ave 2704 Station Lane to Lochinvar PS 2711 Lochinvar PS & St Josephs to Lambs Valley Fire Station 
2712 Aberglasslyn Rd to Rutherford PS 2713 Rutherford PS to Aberglasslyn Rd 2721 St Pats PS to Mckeachie & Aberglasslyn Rd 2722 Rutherford Shops to Mckeachie & Aberglasslyn Rd 2725 Aberglasslyn to Lochinvar PS 2726 Lochinvar Schools to Aberglasslyn 2761 Bolwarra Uniting Church to St Aloysius Primary School 2762 St Aloysius PS to St Bedes HS via Thornton 2763 St Aloysius PS to Thornton (Loop Service) 2764 St Bedes HS to Bolwarra Heights 2771 East Maitland to St Aloysius PS via Ashtonfield 2772 Francis Greenway HS to Thornton 2774 St Aloysius PS to East Maitland via Ashtonfield 6155 Rudolph Steiner to Mayfield 6169 Wallsend HS to Maryland 6200 Maryland to Callaghan College 6212 Elemore Vale to Glendale Technology HS 6214 Wallsend to Glendale Technology HS 6216 Fletcher to Glendore PS 6219 Glendale Technology HS to Glendore PS 6221 Glendale Technology HS to Elermore Vale 6224 Shortland to Jesmond HS 6230 Elermore Vale to Lambton HS 6232 Cardiff Heights to Lambton HS 6234 Elermore Vale to Lambton HS 6236 Minmi Shops to Macquarie College 6237 Wallsend HS to Minmi Terminus 6238 Glendale Technology HS to Wallsend Library 6242 Elermore Vale to Mayfield Christian 6245 Glendore PS to Maryland 6246 Maryland to Newcastle HS 6247 Glendore PS to Fletcher 6248 Maryland to Our Lady of Victories PS 6250 Wallsend to Plattsburg PS 6253 Jesmond HS to Shortland 6255 Lambton HS to Rankin Park 6257 Lambton HS to Cardiff Heights 6259 Lambton HS to Elermore Vale 6261 Lambton HS to Maryland 6262 Callaghan College to St Patricks PS 6263 Callaghan College to Rankin Park & Shortland 6264 Elermore Vale to St Patricks PS 6265 Lambton HS to Rankin Park & Shortland 6267 Macquarie College to St Patricks PS 6268 Minmi to Lambton HS 6270 Minmi to St Pius X HS 6273 Newcastle Schools to Maryland 6274 Wallsend to Wallsend PS 6275 Plattsburg PS to Wallsend 6277 San Clemente HS to Meadows 6282 Meadows Estate & Minmi to Wilkinson Ave 6284 Meadows to Wallsend HS 6285 St Patricks PS to Rankin Park 6287 St Patricks PS to Maryland 6288 Maryland to Plattsburg PS 6295 St Phillips to Maryland 6297 St Pius X HS to Maryland & Black Hill 6301 Singleton PS to Mitchells Flat 6302 Singleton Heights Shops to King St PS 6303 Singleton Christian College to Blaxland & Bridgman 6304 Singleton Heights to Hunter Valley Grammar 6306 Singleton Heights to Maitland Christian College 6307 Singleton Christian College to Burbank & Acacia 6308 White & Blaxland to Mount Pleasant PS 6309 St Catherines College to Blaxland & Wakehurst 6310 Hebden to Singleton Heights PS 6311 Mt Pleasant PS to Wilkinson Blvd & Acacia Cct 6312 Whittingham to Singleton Heights PS 6314 Bulga to Singleton Heights PS 6315 St Catherines College to Deans & Blaxland Ave 6316 Glendonbrook to Singleton Heights PS 6317 St Catherines Senior to Deans & Blaxland Ave 6318 Greta to Singleton Schools 6319 Singleton PS to Jerrys Plains 6320 Wakehurst & Mitchell to Singleton Heights PS 6321 Singleton HS to Gardner Cr & Lloyd Jones Dr 6322 Elderslie to Singleton Heights PS 6323 Singleton Hts PS to Glennies Creek 6324 Hunter View to Singleton Heights PS 6325 Singleton Heights PS to Singleton 6326 White & Northcott Ave to Singleton Christian 6327 Singleton PS to Belford 6328 Bridgman to Singleton HS 6329 Singleton Heights PS to John & Argyle 6330 Mirannie Hall to Singleton PS 6331 Singleton Heights PS to Glendonbrook 6332 Mitchells Flat to Singleton PS 6333 Singleton Christian to Mirannie Hall 6334 Glennies Creek to Singleton PS 6335 Singleton Christian College to Mitchell & Blaxland 6336 Warkworth to Singleton PS 6338 Wynyard & Rawcliffe Sts to Singleton PS 6339 Singleton PS to Hebden 6340 Darlington Estate to St Catherines College 6341 Singleton Heights PS to Bulga 6342 St Pauls PSto St Josephs Lochinvar 6343 Singleton Christian to Shell Service Station 6344 Belford to St Catherines College 6345 Hunter Valley Grammar to Shell Service Station 6346 Bridgeman Rd & Blaxland Ave & St Catherines College 6347 Metford Christian to Singleton Heights Shops 6348 Miller Park to Singleton HS 6349 Singleton PS to Warkworth 6350 Wattle Ponds to St Catherines College 6351 Singleton Heights PS to Elderslie 6352 Jerrys Plains to St Catherines College 6353 Singleton Heights PS to Wattle Ponds 6355 Singleton Christian School to Whittingham 6356 Maitland to Ashtonfield PS 6357 St Catherines College to Pitt & Church Sts 6359 Singleton HS to Wilkinson & Acacia 6360 Singleton to HVGS 

Stop times Weekday (Jun 24, 2024 - Sep 27, 2024)

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Official Hunter Valley Schedule Data
Updated Jun 23, 2024
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Route Map Weekday (Jun 24, 2024 - Sep 27, 2024)

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182 Rutherford to Thornton via Maitland, Green Hills Shopping Centre & Ashtonfield - Hunter Valley

Weekday (Jun 24, 2024 - Sep 27, 2024)

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1 3e20e683ac262caffae517b8ee01b45b d707c13ac87a98bf7fe21d4abaecdfc9 d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e 0 91624 en-us 36000 1 Weekday (Jun 24, 2024 - Sep 27, 2024) Hunter Valley Buses (Region 2) Hunter Valley Buses (Region 2) 182 Rutherford to Thornton via Maitland, Green Hills Shopping Centre & Ashtonfield New South Wales Australia 0 1 -33.882621,151.206582

Official Hunter Valley Schedule Data
Updated Jun 23, 2024
Stop codes may be application specific.