M90 Burwood to Liverpool  ▬

Transdev NSW (Region 13)

M90 Burwood to Liverpool - Transdev NSW (Region 13)  ▬

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900 Parramatta Free Shuttle 901 Holsworthy to Liverpool via Wattle Grove 902 Holsworthy to Liverpool via Moorebank 902X Sandy Point to Holsworthy via Voyager Point 903 Liverpool to Chipping Norton (Loop Service) 904 Fairfield to Liverpool 905 Bankstown to Fairfield 906 Fairfield to Parramatta 907 Bankstown to Parramatta via Bass Hill 908 Merrylands to Bankstown via Birrong & Auburn 909 Bankstown to Parramatta via Birrong & Auburn 911 Auburn to Bankstown via Georges Hall 913 Strathfield to Bankstown 914 Greenacre to Strathfield 916 Chester Hill to Guildford 925 East Hills to Lidcombe via Bankstown M90 Burwood to Liverpool M91 Hurstville to Parramatta via Padstow & Chester Hill N30 Macarthur to City Town Hall (Night Service) N40 East Hills to City Town Hall (Night Service) S1 Cabramatta to Lansvale (Loop Service) S2 Sefton to Granville S3 Chrisholm Road to Auburn S4 Chester Hill to Fairfield via Carramar & Villawood S5 Milperra to Padstow via Panania S115 Sutherland Shire School to Westfields Hurstville vi Alford Pt S132 Picnic Point HS to Padstow Station S173 Delany College to Woodville Rd after William St, Granville S176 Sefton HS to Yagoona Station S400 Chester Hill HS to Chester Hill Station S401 Buist St opp Walshaw Park, Bass hill to Trinity College S402 Auburn Rd before Alexander St, Yagoona to Chester Hill HS S403 Chester Hill HS to Chester Hill Station S404 Granville Station to Elliston St at Hecor St, Chester Hill S405 Trinitiy College to Auburn Rd before Church Rd, Yagoona S406 Birrong Girls HS to Walshaw Park, Yagoona 
S407 Trinity College to Miller Rd before Barbers Rd, Chester Hill S408 Chester Hill HS to Brodie St before Auburn Rd, Yagoona S409 Campbell Hill Rd before Moora St, Chester Hill to Trinity College S410 Chester Hill HS to Guildford Station S412 Rose St at Ernest St, Sefton to Trinity College via Berala S413 Bass Hill HS to Bankstown Station S414 Trinity College to Walshaw Park, Yagoona S423 Granville Station to Our Lady of Mercy College S424 Granville Station to Blaxcell St before Rawson Rd, South Granville S425 Delany College to Merrylands Station S426 Normanby St before Tangerine St, Fairfield East to Our Lady of Lebanon S427 Macathur Girls HS to Granville Station S428 Our Lady of Lebanon to Normansby St before Tangerine St, Fairfield East S429 Rawson Rd after Excelsior St, Guildford to Our Lady of Lebanon S430 Holy Trinity PS to Louis St at The Avenue, Granville S432 Old Guildford PS to Holy Trinity PS S434 Our Lady of Lebanon to Excelsior St after Adam St, Guildford S435 Donald St at Orchardleigh St, Guildford to Our Lady of Lebanon S436 Our Lady of Lebnon to Excelsior St at Farnell St, Merrylands S438 Our Lady of Lebanon to Broughton St after South Pde, Old Guildford S440 Granville Station to Merrylands HS S441 Cerdon College to Merrylands Station S443 Granville PS to Delany College via South Granville S445 Delany College to Old Guildford PS S446 Our Lady of Lebanon to Springfield Park, Old Guildford S447 Broughton St after Shackel Av, Old Guildford to Our Lady of Lebanon S452 Cerdon College to Woolworths Blaxcell St after Thomas St, Granville S500 Birrong Girls HS to The Boulevarde at Liverpool Rd Bankstown S501 La Salle College to Chester Hill PS via Georges Hall S502 Auburn West PS to Auburn Station S503 Bankstown Hospital, Artegall St to Bankstown Station S505 Mt St Joseph Secondary School to Chester Hilll Station S506 Johnston Rd before Walther Av, Bass Hill to Bankstown Station S510 Delfin Dr at Collie Ct, Moorebank to East Hills Boys HS via Chipping Norton S511 Granville Boys HS to Excelsior St after Meadows St, Merrylands S512 Chester Hill PS to La Salle College via Georges Hall 
S514 Granville Boys HS to Park Rd at Chiswick Rd, Auburn S517 Condell Park HS to Bankstown Station S519 Moorebank HS to Hammondville PS via Wattle Grove S520 Nuwarra PS to Delfin Dr after Collie Ct, Moorebank via Hammondville S521 Al Amanah College to Bankstown Station S523 Bass Hill HS to Mitchell St at Cary Way, Fairfield East via Villawood S524 Liverpool Station to Moorebank HS S525 East Hills Boys HS to Anzac Rd opp Secombe Pl, Moorebank S526 Wattle Grove PS to Delfin Dr after Collie Ct, Moorebank S527 Al Amanah College to Bankstown Station S528 Delfin Dr at Collie Ct, Moorebank to Moorebank HS via Wattle Grove S530 Chester Hill Station to Mt St Joseph HS S532 Chipping Norton to All Saint Senior College, via Wattle Grove S533 All Saint Senior College to Epsom Rd before Newbridge Rd, Chipping Norton S536 The Horsley Dr at Bennett Av, Carramar to Chester Hill HS S537 Normanby St after River Av, Villawood to Bass Hill HS S542 Moorebank HS to Delfin Dr before Wattle Grove Dr, Wattle Grove S543 Marion St at Ayers Cr, Georges Hall to Mt St Joseph HS via Yagoona S545 Moorebank HS to Holsworthy station S548 Strathfield HS to Waterloo Rd before Wangee Rd, Greenacre S550 Condell Park HS to Marion St opp Thella Kenway Reserve S552 East Hills PS to Pringle Av opp Chertsey Av, Bankstown S553 East Hills Boys HS to Bellevue Av before Surrey Av, Georges Hall S558 East Hills Boys HS to Georges River Grammar S559 Georges River Grammar to Holsworthy Station S561 WSU Bankstown to St Marks College via Holsworthy Station S563 Moorebank HS to Liverpool Station S564 Newbridge Heights PS to Delfin Dr before Anzac Rd, Moorebank S565 Al Faisal College to Amity College S566 Moorebank HS to Liverpool Station S567 Amity College to Bridge St at New St E, Lidcombe via Auburn S568 Lidbury St after Park Rd, Berala to Amity College via Auburn S569 Moorebank HS to Liverpool Station S570 Amity College to Lidbury St before Park Rd, Berala via Auburn S572 Bankstown Station to Condell Park PS S574 Condell Park HS to St Marys PS 
S577 Guildford Station to Blaxcell Street PS S578 Blaxcell Street PS to Berala Station via Guildford S579 Guildford Station to Kingsland Rd before Wilga St via Auburn S580 Cumberland Rd before Cardigan St, Auburn to Auburn West PS S581 Kingsland Rd before Wyatt Av Regents Park to Guildford Station S582 Guildford Statoin to Malek Fahd School via South Granville S583 Strathfield South HS to Noble Av before Boronia Rd, Greenacre S584 Malek Fahd School to Guildford Station S585 Cumberland Rd at Wellington Rd, Auburn to Malek Fahd School via Berala S586 Strathfield South HS to Mobil Service Station Boronia Rd, Greenacre S587 Malek Fahd School to Cumberland Rd before Wellington Rd, Auburn S588 Bankstown Central to Al Amanah College S589 Delfin Dr before Anzac Rdto Newbridge Heights PS via Wattle Grove S590 Bankstown Central to Al Amanah College S591 Fairfield PS to Orchard Rd at North St, Fairfield S595 Fairfield Station to Chester Hill HS S597 Orchard Rd at North St Fairfield to Fairfield PS S598 Chester Hill HS to Normanby St at Tangerine St, Fairfield East S599 Chester Hill HS to Fairfield Station S600 Fairfield Station to Sefton HS S601 Villawood Station to Chester Hill HS S603 Sefton HS to Fairfield Station via Villawood Station S604 Lidcombe Statoin to Auburn West PS via Regents Park S605 Auburn West PS to Lidcombe Station via Regents Park S607 Chipping Norton Market Plaza to Newbridge Heights PS via Moorebank HS S611 Moorebank HS to Abingdon St at Ascot Dr, Chipping Norton S612 Mt St Joseph HS to Georges River Grammar via Condell Park S616 Chester Hill HS to Mitchell St at Gary Way, Fairfield East S617 Nuwarra PS to De La Salle College via Chipping Norton S619 De La Salle College to Delfin Dr before Anzac Rd, Moorebank S620 Bankstown to East Hills Boys HS S622 Keoto Av at Pritchard Av, Hammondville to Moorebank HS via Wattle Grove S910 Elliston St at Priam St, Chester Hill to Hector St at View St, Sefton 

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Official Transdev Data
Updated Jun 21, 2022

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M90 Burwood to Liverpool - Transdev

Sunday (Jun 26, 2022 - Sep 25, 2022)

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1 1kvdub2dn23aillf9kokihri42 f04e44d6fe3a97fc5216fc61491fb6d7 d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e 0 128971 en-us 4 Sunday (Jun 26, 2022 - Sep 25, 2022) Transdev NSW (Region 13) Transdev NSW (Region 13) M90 Burwood to Liverpool New South Wales Australia

Official Transdev Data
Updated Jun 21, 2022