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130 Manly Late Night Bus 131 North Balgowlah - Manly Loop 132 Manly to Warringah Mall 135 Warringah Mall to North Head 136 Manly to Chatswood 137 House With No Steps to Chatswood 139 Manly to Warringah Mall 142 Manly to Skyline Shops 143 Chatswood to Manly 144 Chatswood/RNSH to Manly 145 Seaforth to Warringah Mall 151 City to Mona Vale via North Sydney 153 Warringah Mall to War Veterans Home 155 Manly to Bayview Village 156 Manly to McCarrs Creek 158 Manly to Collaroy Plateau 159 Manly to Dee Why 168 Warringah Mall to City 169 City to Manly 171 Manly to City 173 Milsons Point to Narraweena 175 Milsons Point to Warringah Mall 176 Dee Why Beach to City 178 City to Cromer Heights 179 City to War Veterans Home 180 City to Collaroy Plateau 182 Narrabeen to Mona Vale via Elanora Heights 183 Milsons Point to Narrabeen 184 City to Mona Vale 185 City to Warriewood/Mona Vale 187 Newport to Milsons Point 188 City to Avalon 189 Dee Why to Avalon 190 City to Palm Beach 191 Bilgola Plateau to Avalon Loop 192 Stokes Point to Avalon Loop 200 Chatswood to Bondi Junction 201 City (Greshman St) to Cremorne, via Freeway 202 City to Northbridge 203 City to Castlecrag 204 PrePay Only - City to Northbridge (Freeway) 205 PrePay Only - City to East Willoughby (Freeway) 206 City to East Lindfield (Freeway) 207 City to East Lindfield 208 City to Northbridge/East Lindfield 209 Milsons Point to East Lindfield 223 Milsons Point - McMahons Point Wharf 225 Neutral Bay Wharf to Cremorne Wharf 227 Milsons Point to Mosman 228 Milsons Point to Clifton Gardens 229 Milsons Point to Beauty Point 230 Milsons Point to Mosman Wharf 236 Spit Junction to Musgrave Street Wharf 238 Balmoral Beach to Taronga Zoo Wharf 243 City to Spit Junction 244 City to Chowder Bay 245 City to Balmoral 246 City to Balmoral Heights 247 City to Taronga Zoo 248 Spit Bridge (North Side) to City 249 City to Beauty Point 251 City to Lane Cove West 252 City to Lane Cove West 253 City to Riverview 254 City to Lane Cove West 255 Chatswood to Colwell Crescent 256 Chatswood West to Chatswood 257 Chatswood to Balmoral Beach 258 Chatswood to Lane Cove (Mars Road) 261 City to Lane Cove 263 City to Crows Nest 265 McMahons Point to Lane Cove 267 Crows Nest to Chatswood 
269 McMahons Point to Kirribilli Loop Service 272 PrePay Only - City to North Willoughby 275 Castlecrag to Chatswood 285 City to Lane Cove (Mars Rd) 286 Milsons Point to Denistone East 287 Milsons Point to Ryde 288 City to Epping 289 Wynyard to Lane Cove (Mars Rd), via Mowbray Rd 290 City to Epping 292 City to Marsfield 293 Prepay Only - City to Marsfield 294 City to Epping 295 Macquarie Centre to North Epping 297 PrePay Only - City to Denistone East via Lane Cove Tunnel 300 Kings Cross to Railway Square 301 City to Eastgardens 302 City to Eastgardens 303 City to Sans Souci 305 Railway Square to Mascot (Stamford Hotel) 308 City to Marrickville Metro 309 Railway Square to Port Botany 310 Railway Square to Eastgardens 311 Millers Point to Railway Square via Elizabeth Bay 313 Bondi Junction to Coogee 314 Bondi Junction to Coogee 316 Bondi Junction to Eastgardens 317 Bondi Junction to Eastgardens 323 Edgecliff to Dover Heights 324 City to Watsons Bay 325 City to Watsons Bay 326 Edgecliff to Bondi Junction 327 Edgecliff to Bondi Junction 328 Bondi Junction to Darling Point, via Edgecliff 333 PrePay Only - City to Nth Bondi 338 Railway Square - Clovelly 339 City to Clovelly 341 Avoca Street to Kingsford 342 Kingsford to Daceyville 343 Chatswood to Kingsford 348 Bondi Junction to Wolli Creek 352 Bondi Junction to Marrickville Metro 353 Bondi Junction to Eastgardens 355 Bondi Junction to Marrickville Metro 360 Bondi Junction to North Clovelly 361 Bondi Junction to South Bondi 370 Coogee to MarketPlace Leichhardt via Newtown 372 Railway Square to Coogee 373 City to Coogee 374 City to Coogee 376 Railway Square to Maroubra Beach 377 City to Maroubra Beach 380 City to North Bondi 381 Bondi Junction to North Bondi 382 Bondi Beach to Bondi Junction 386 Bondi Junction to Vaucluse 387 Bondi Junction to South Head Cemetery 389 Maritime Museum to North Bondi 391 Railway Square to Port Botany/La Perouse 392 City to Little Bay 393 Railway Square to Little Bay 394 City to La Perouse 395 Railway Square to Maroubra Beach 396 City to Maroubra Beach 397 City to South Maroubra 399 City to Little Bay 400 Burwood to Bondi Junction 401 Lidcombe to Sydney Olympic Park 406 Hurlstone Park to Five Dock 407 Strathfield to Burwood 408 Burwood to Rookwood Cemetery 410 PrePay Only - Rockdale to Bondi Junction 412 City to Campsie Station 413 City to Campsie Station 
415 Campsie Station to Chiswick 418 Burwood to Bondi Junction 422 City to Kogarah 423 City to Kingsgrove 425 Dulwich Hill to Tempe 426 City to Dulwich Hill 428 City to Canterbury 430 Kogarah Shuttle 431 Martin Place to Glebe Point 433 Railway Square to Balmain 436 Railway Square to Chiswick 438 City to Abbotsford 439 City to Mortlake 440 Rozelle to Bronte 441 City to Birchgrove 442 City to Balmain Wharf 444 Balmain Wharf to Campsie 445 Balmain Wharf to Campsie 458 Burwood to Ryde via Rhodes Shopping Centre 459 Strathfield Station to Macquarie Uni 460 Five Dock to Concord Hospital via Canada Bay 461 City to Burwood 462 Ashfield Station to Mortlake 463 Burwood to Bayview Park 464 Ashfield Station to Mortlake 466 Ashfield Station to Cabarita 470 City to Lilyfield 473 Campsie to Rockdale 476 Rockdale to Dolls Point Loop 477 Rockdale Station to Miranda 478 Rockdale Station to Miranda 479 Rockdale to Kyeemagh Loop 480 Railway Square to Strathfield Station 483 Railway Square to Strathfield Station 487 Canterbury to Bankstown 490 Drummoyne to Hurstville 491 Five Dock to Hurstville 492 Drummoyne to Rockdale 493 Rockdale to Roselands 495 Bexley North to Kingsgrove 500 City to Ryde 501 Railway Square to Ryde/West Ryde 502 City to Bayview Park 504 City to Chiswick 505 City to Woolwich 506 City to Macquarie Uni 507 City to Macquarie Uni 508 City to Drummoyne Avenue 510 City to Ryde Depot 513 Meadowbank Wharf to Carlingford 515 City to Eastwood 518 City to Macquarie Uni 520 City to Parramatta 521 Eastwood to Parramatta 523 West Ryde to Parramatta 524 West Ryde to Parramatta 525 Burwood to Parramatta 526 Burwood to Rhodes Shopping Centre 533 Chatswood /North Ryde to Olympic Park 534 Chatswood to West Ryde 536 Chatswood to Gladesville 538 Woolwich Wharf to Gladesville 540 Silverwater to Auburn 541 Eastwood to Epping 543 West Ryde to Eastwood 544 Macquarie Centre to Auburn 545 Chatswood to Parramatta 546 Epping Station/North Rocks to Parramatta 547 Parramatta Station to Macarthur Street Loop 549 Epping to Parramatta via North Rocks 550 Chatswood to Parramatta 551 Marsfield to Eastwood Station 552 Oatlands/North Rocks to Parramatta 
553 Beecroft to North Rocks 890 City to UNSW (High Street) 891 PrePay Only - Central to UNSW (High Street) 892 UNSW (High Street) to City via Central 895 PrePay Only - UNSW (Anzac Parade) to Central E36 PrePay Only - Manly - Pitt and Playfair E41 PrePay Only - Manly - North Balgowlah E50 Milsons Point to Manly (Express) E65 PrePay Only - City to South Curl Curl (Express) E66 City to Skyline Shops (Express) E68 City to North Balgowlah (Express) E69 City to Manly (Express) E70 PrePay Only - City to Manly (Express) E71 City to Manly (Express) E76 City to Dee Why Beach (Express) E77 City to Dee Why (Express) E78 Wynyard to Cromer Heights E79 City to War Veterans Home (Express) E83 Prepay Only - City to North Narrabeen (Express) E84 City to Mona Vale (Express) E85 City to Mona Vale (Limited Stops) E86 PrePay Only - City to McCarrs Creek/Church Pt E87 PrePay Only - City to Newport (Express) E88 PrePay Only - City to North Avalon (Express) E89 PrePay Only - City to Avalon (Express) L09 PrePay Only - Redfern to Port Botany (Limited Stops) L23 PrePay Only - City to Kingsgrove (Limited Stops) L24 PrePay Only - Watsons Bay to City (Limited Stops) L28 PrePay Only - City to Canterbury (Limited Stops) L37 City to Haberfield (Limited Stops) L38 PrePay Only - City to Abbotsford (Limited Stops) L39 PrePay Only - City to Mortlake (Limited Stops) L60 Chatswood to Mona Vale (Limited Stops) L78 Milsons Point to Dee Why (Limited Stops) L80 City to Collaroy Plateau (Limited Stops) L84 Milsons Point to Mona Vale (Limited Stops) L85 City to Mona Vale (Limited Stops) L87 Milsons Point to Newport (Limited Stops) L88 City to Avalon (Limited Stops) L90 City to Palm Beach (Limited Stops) L94 City to La Perouse (Limited Stops) M10 Prepay Only - Leichhardt to Maroubra Junction via City M20 Prepay Only - Gore Hill to Botany M30 Prepay Only - Mosman to Sydenham M40 Prepay Only - Chatswood to Bondi Junction M41 Hurstville to Macquarie Park M50 Prepay Only - Drummoyne to Coogee M52 City to Parramatta (Limited Stops) M54 Macquarie Park to Parramatta X00 PrePay Only - City to Ryde (Limited Stops) X03 City to Sans Souci (Express) X04 PrePay Only - City to Chiswick (Express) X06 PrePay Only - City to East Ryde (Express) X09 PrePay Only - Railway Square to Banksmeadow (Express) X10 PrePay Only - Railway Square to Eastgardens (Express) X15 City to Eastwood (Express) X18 PrePay Only - City to Denistone East (Express) X25 Strathfield Station - Olympic Park Station X39 PrePay Only - City to Clovelly (Express) X40 PrePay Only - Clovelly to City (Express) X73 PrePay Only - City to Coogee (Express) X74 PrePay Only - City to Coogee (Express) X77 PrePay Only - City to Maroubra Beach (Express) X84 PrePay Only - North Bondi to Bondi Junction (Express) X89 PrePay Only - North Bondi to Bondi Junction (Express) X92 PrePay Only - City to Little Bay (Express) X93 Railway Square to Little Bay X94 PrePay Only - City to La Perouse (Express) X96 PrePay Only - City to Maroubra Beach (Express) X97 PrePay Only - City to South Maroubra (Express) X99 PrePay Only - Little Bay to City (Express) 
1 o0rnd71ftmrv37nh8iso64b9s6 ae1d961198de85147a0c055aa3518668 d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e 0 99318 en-us 4 Sydney Buses Network State Transit 201 City (Greshman St) to Cremorne, via Freeway New South Wales Australia


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WThF (Oct 5, 2016 - Oct 7, 2016)

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201 City (Greshman St) to Cremorne, via Freeway - Sydney Buses Network

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Official Sydney Buses Network Data
Updated: Jan 24, 2016



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