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Other Transdev NSW Lines


2C Woolooware HS to Saunders Bay Rd after Parthenia St, Carringbah South 4C Wooloware HS to Port Hacking Rd before Lynch Av, Carringbah South 6C Endeavour Sports HS to Woolooware HS 452 Beverly Hills to Rockdale 453 Percival Street, Rockdale to Rockdale Station 455 Kingsgrove to St George Hospital, Kogarah 535 Parramatta Wharf to Sydney Olympic Park Wharf via Rydalmere 556 Lindfield to East Killara (Loop Service) 558 Chatswood to Lindfield 560 Gordon to West Pymble (Loop Service) 562 Gordon to Macquarie University 565 Chatswood to Macquarie University 571 Turramurra to South Turramurra (Loop Service) 572 Turramurra to Macquarie University via South Turramura & West Pymble 573 Turramurra to Sydney Adventist Hospital via Fox Valley Rd (Loop Service) 575 Hornsby to Macquarie University via Turramurra 576 Wahroonga to North Wahroonga (Loop Service) 576T Turramurra to North Wahroonga (Loop Service) 577 Turramurra to North Turramurra (Loop Service) 577P Turramurra to Murdoch St 579 Pymble to East Turramurra 582 St Ives Shopping Centre to Gordon 586 Westleigh to Pennant Hills 587 Hornsby to Westleigh (Loop Service) 588 Hornsby to Normanhurst West (Loop Service) 589 Sydney Adventist Hospital to Hornsby 592 Brooklyn to Mooney Mooney (Loop Service) 594 North Turramurra to City QVB 594H Hornsby to City QVB 595 Hornsby to Mt Colah (Loop Service) 596 Hornsby to Hornsby Heights (Loop Service) 597 Hornsby to Berowra 598 Hornsby to Asquith (Loop Service) 599 Berowra to Berowra Heights (Loop Service) 900 Parramatta Free Shuttle 901 Holsworthy to Liverpool via Wattle Grove 902 Holsworthy to Liverpool via Moorebank 902X Sandy Point to Holsworthy via Voyager Point 903 Liverpool to Chipping Norton (Loop Service) 904 Fairfield to Liverpool 905 Bankstown to Fairfield 906 Fairfield to Parramatta 907 Bankstown to Parramatta via Bass Hill 908 Merrylands to Bankstown via Birrong & Auburn 909 Bankstown to Parramatta via Birrong & Auburn 911 Auburn to Bankstown via Georges Hall 913 Bankstown to Strathfield 914 Greenacre to Strathfield 915 Lidcombe to U Sydney Lidcombe Cmps (Loop Service) 916 Chester Hill to Guildford 922 East Hills to Bankstown via Milperra 923 Panania to Bankstown via Picnic Pt 924 East Hills to Bankstown via Panania 925 East Hills to Lidcombe via Bankstown 926 Revesby Heights to Bankstown 927 One Tree Point to Padstow 947 Kogarah to Hurstville via Dolls Pt 958 Kogarah to Hurstville via Carss Park 959 Hurstville to Bald Face Pt (Loop Service) 961 Barden Ridge to Miranda 962 Bankstown to Miranda 963 Alfords Point to Menai 965 Sutherland to Woronora (Loop Service) 967 Como West to Miranda via Oyster Bay 968 Bonnet Bay to Miranda via Kareela 969 Cronulla to Sutherland 970 Miranda to Hurstville 971 Cronulla to Hurstville 972 Sylvania to Miranda via Sylvania Waters 973 Miranda to Yowie Bay (Loop Service) 974 Miranda to Gymea Bay (Loop Service) 975 Miranda to Grays Point (Loop Service) 976 Sutherland to Grays Point (Loop Service) 977 Miranda to Lilli Pilli (Loop Service) 978 Miranda to Dolans Bay via Pt Hckg (Loop Service) 985 Cronulla to Miranda via Woolooware Bay 986 Miranda North to Miranda 987 Cronulla to Kurnell (Loop Service) 988 Cronulla to Caringbah via Burraneer 989 Bundeena to Maianbar (Loop Service) 991 Heathcote to Sutherland 992 Engadine to Kingswood Rd (Loop Service) 993 Miranda to Woronora Heights (Loop Service) 996 Engadine to Heathcote East (Loop Service) 8001 Clanville Rd at Cranbook Av, Roseville to Killara HS 8002 Gordon Station to St Ives North PS 8003 Hawkesbury River Station to Brooklyn PS 8004 Wahroonga Station to Pennant Hills HS via Thornleigh 8005 Mt Kuringai Station to Kuringai HS via Mount Colah, Hornsby 8006 Wahroonga Station to Kuringai HS via Waitara 8008 Turramurra Station to Wahroonga PS 8010 Berowra Community PS to Kuringai HS via Berowra Heights 8013 Brooklyn to Wideview PS 8014 Hornsby Heights to Asquith Girls HS 8015 Asquith Boys HS to Hornsby North PS via Hopeville Park 8016 Pennant Hills Station to Kooringal Av opp Gilgandra Av, Thornleigh 8017 Turramurra Station to Killara HS via North Turramurra & St Ives 8018 Gordon Station to Gordon West PS 8019 Turramurra Station to Boundary Rd after Eastern Rd, North Wahroonga 8020 Wahroonga Station to Waitara PS 8021 Hornsby Station to Loreto Normanhurst School 8022 Westleigh to Pennant Hills HS 8024 Barker College Junior School to Thornleigh West PS via Pennant Hills 8025 Turramurra Station to Sacred Heart PS 8026 Pacific Hwy before Livingstone Av, Pymble to Gordon West PS via West Pymble 8027 Pymble Station to St Ives HS 8028 Goodlands Av at The Esplanade, Thorneigh to Barker College Junior School 8029 Duffy Av before Sinclair Av, Thornleigh to Waitara PS via Westleigh 8030 Crowley Rd after Berowra Waters Rd, Berowra to Kuringai HS via Mt Colah 8032 Hornsby Station to Northern Christian Beaches School 8033 Pennant Hills Station to Northside Montessori PS 8034 Turramurra Station to Northern Beaches School 8035 Memorial Av before Mona Vale Rd, St Ives to Kings School via Macquarie Park 8036 Hornsby Station to Northern Beaches Christian School 8037 Lane Cove Rd before Quarry Rd, Ryde to Galstaun College 8038 West Ryde Station to Galstaun College 8039 West Ryde station to AGBU Alexander PS 8040 Gardener Av before Buffalo Rd, Ryde to Galstaun College 8042 Killara Station to Killara HS 8043 Wyina Rd after Ryde Rd, West Pymble to Gordon Station 8044 Killara Station to Lindfield East PS via Linfield 8045 CSIRO Linfield, Bradfield Rd to Killara HS 8046 Archbold Rd before Chlemsford Rd, Linfield to Killara HS via East Lindfield 8047 Linfield Station to Sydney Grammar Preparatory School via East Killara 8048 Gordon Station to St Ives HS 8049 Linfield Station, Linfield Av to Linfield Station, Pacific Hwy 8050 Roseville Station to Nothern Beaches Christian School 8051 UTS to Killara HS 8052 Killara HS to Lindfield East PS via East Killara 8054 Turramurra HS to Pennant Hills HS 8055 Hornsby Station to Covenant Christian School via Turramurra 8056 Hornsby Heights to Kuringai HS 8057 Hornsby Station to Kuringai HS 8058 Darnley St at Mt Ida St, Gordon to Killara HS 8059 Killara Station to Killara HS 8060 Fox Valley Rd opp Sydney Adventist Hospital to Pennant Hills Station 8061 Primula St at Polding Rd, Lindfield to Killara HS 8062 Gordon Station to St Ives HS 8063 Barra Brui Cr at Burdekin Cr, St Ives to St Ives HS 8066 Turramurra HS to Pymble PS 8067 Hornsby Station to Normanhurst PS 8070 Turramurra HS to Warrawee PS via Wahroonga 8071 Pacific Hwy at Old Berowra Rd, Hornsby to Mt Kuringai PS via Mt Colah 8072 Gordon Station to Killara HS 8073 Addison Av after Babbage Rd, Roseville to Killara HS 
8074 Gordon Station to St Ives HS 8076 Pennant Hills Station to Pennant Hills HS 8077 The Gully Rd opp Mary Wall Cr, Beowra to Berowra Station 8082 Gordon Station to Killara High School 8091 Hornsby Station to Hornsby Station via Lowe Rd before Derby Rd, Hornsby 8092 Mount Colah to Mount Colah PS 8098 Mount Colah to Mildred Av after Jersey Rd 8101 Junction Rd after Grosvenor St, Wahroonga to Turramurra HS 8102 Turramurra Station to Turramurra HS 8104 Gordon Station to Turramurra HS 8105 Pymble to Turramurra HS 8106 Duffy Av before Sinclair Av, Thorneigh to Turramurra HS via Westleigh 8107 Normanhurst West PS to Turramurra HS 8108 Prestoria Pde after Fuller Av, Hornsby to Turramurra HS 8109 Loreto Normanhurst to Turramurra HS 8110 Fox Valley Rd opp Sydney Adventist Hospital, Wahroonga to Turramurra HS 8112 Barker College Junior School to Turramurra HS 8116 Pymble Station to NBCS 8120 Killara Station to Calvert Av before Fitzroy St, Killara 8121 West Lindfield to Killara High School 8122 Hornsby to Asquith Public School 9001 Northern Beaches Christian School to Hornsby Station via Wahroonga Station 9002 Northern Beaches Christian School to Roseville Station 9004 Killara HS to Gordon Station 9006 Killara HS to UTS 9007 Northern Beaches Christian School to Turramurra Station 9008 Northside Montessori PS to Pennant Hills Station 9009 Pennant Hills HS to Pennant Hills Station 9010 Pennant Hills Station to Normanhurst Station via Westleigh 9013 Berowra Chrstian Community PS to Hornsby Station via Berowra Heights Oval 9014 Loreto Normanhurst to Wahroonga Station 9015 Sacred Heart PS to Canoon Rd at Barwon Av, South Turramurra 9016 Pennant Hills HS to Hornsby Station 9019 Kuringai HS to Hornsby Station 9020 Berowra Christian Community PS to Hawkesbury River Station via Berowra Hts 9021 Kuringai HS to Hornsby Heights 9022 Normanhurst West PS to Pomona St at Pennnant Hills Rd, Pennant Hills 9023 St Agathas Parish PS to Turramurra Station via Pennant Hills Station 9024 Normanhurst PS to Pennant Hills Station via Thornleigh & Waitara 9028 Wahroonga PS to Turramurra Station via North Wahroonga 9029 Kuringai HS to Hornsby Station 9031 Wahroonga PS to Turramurra Station 9033 Asquith Girls HS to Hornsby Heights 9034 Northern Beaches Christian School to Berowra Station 9036 St Patrick PS to Hornsby Station via Hornsby Heights 9037 Asquith PS to Excelsior Rd at Pacific Hwy, Mount Colah 9038 Mt Kuringai PS to Pacific Hwy opp Gatson Rd, Hornsby 9039 Pymble PS to Pymble Station 9040 Normanhurst West PS to Thornleigh Station via Westleigh 9045 Kuringai HS to Berowra Village via Berowra Heights 9046 St Ives North PS to Gordon Station 9048 Killara HS to Roseville PS 9049 Roseville PS to Roseville Station 9050 The Kings School to Memorial Av at Village Green Pde, St Ives 9051 Galstaun College to Holy Spirit School 9052 Galstaun College to West Ryde Station 9053 AGBU Alexander PS to West Ryde Station 9054 Galstaun College to Top Ryde City 9055 Coventant Christian School to Hornsby Station via Duffy Forest 9057 Wahroonga to Thornleigh Station via Westleigh 9059 Killara HS to Lindfield East PS 9060 Lindfield East PS to Koola Av at Albany Cr, East Killara 9061 Holy Family PS to East Lindfield Community Hall 9062 Killara HS to Lindfield East PS 9063 Lindfield East PS to Gordon Station 9064 Killara HS to Calvert Av before Fitzroy St, Killara 9065 Holy Family PS to Killara HS 9066 Kilarra HS to Kuringai HS via St Ives 9067 Kuringai HS to Hornsby Station via North Wahroonga 9069 Lindfield PS to Lindfield Station 9071 Masada College to Beaumont Rd at Anembo Cr, Killara via East Killara 9072 St Patricks PS to St Bernards School via Berowra Heights 9073 Killara HS to Gordon Station 9074 Kuringai HS to Pacific Hwy before Excelsior Rd, Mount Colah 9076 Kuringai HS to Berowra PS via Berowra Heights 9077 Killara HS to Killara Station 9078 St Ives HS to Gordon Station 9079 Kuringai HS to Berowra via Mount Colah 9080 Pymble PS to Gordon Station 9081 St Ives to Gordon Station via St Ives HS 9082 Killara HS to Gordon Station 9083 Killara HS to Gordon Station 9084 St Ives HS to 1178 Pacific Hwy, Pymble 9085 Warrawee PS to Westleigh via Hornsby 9086 Warrawee PS to Fox Valley Rd before Field Pl, Wahroonga 9087 Mount St Benedict College to Hornsby Station via Westleigh 9088 Asquith PS to Hornsby Station via Hornsby North PS 9089 Sydney Grammar Preparatory School to Lindfield Station 9090 Asquith Girls HS to Pacific Hwy opp Excelsior Rd, Mount Colah 9091 Waitara PS to Hornsby Station 9092 Wahroonga PS to Wahroonga Station 9093 Normanhurst PS to Hornsby Station 9094 Gordon Station to Gordon East PS (Loop Service) 9096 Kuringai HS to Turramurra Station 9097 Killara HS to West Killara Shops 9098 Loreto Normanhurst to Wahroonga Station 9099 Waitara PS to Hornsby Station 9101 Turramurra HS to Turramurra Station 9102 Turramurra HS to Turramurra Station 9103 Turramurra HS to Turramurra Station 9104 Turramurra HS to Gordon Station 9105 Turramurra HS to 1178 Pacific Hwy, Pymble 9106 Turramurra HS to Duffy Av after Huntingdale way, Thornleigh via Westleigh 9107 Turramurra HS to Normanhurst West PS via Thornleigh 9108 Turramurra HS to Pretoria Pde before Pacific Hwy, Hornsby 9109 Turramurra HS to Loreto Normanhurst 9110 Turramurra HS to Pacific Hwy at Turramurra Av, Turramurra 9111 Turramurra HS to Kuringai HS 9112 Turramurra HS to Pacific Hwy after Pretoria Pde, Hornsby 9116 NBCS to Pymble Station 9120 Calvert Av before Fitzroy St, Killara to Killara Station 9121 Killara High School to West Lindfield 9122 St Patrick's PS to Hornsby DSA Disability Services Australia M90 Burwood to Liverpool M91 Hurstville to Parramatta via Padstow & Chester Hill M92 Sutherland to Parramatta N30 Macarthur to City Town Hall N40 East Hills to City Town Hall S1 Cabramatta to Lansvale (Loop Service) S2 Sefton to Granville S3 Chrisholm Road to Auburn S4 Chester Hill to Fairfield via Carramar & Villawood S004 Sutherland Shire School to Illawong PS S5 Milperra to Padstow via Panania S005 Holy Family School to Alford Pt PS S006 Tharawal PS to Parc Menai Footbridge, Menai S007 Menai HS to Padstow Station S7 Port Hacking Rd before Dudley Av, Carringbah South to Woolooware HS S8 Endeavour Sports HS to Fontainbleau St after Brantwood St, Sans Souci S9 Woolooware HS to Port Hacking Rd at Jellicoe St, Carringbah South S11 Lilli Pilli Point Rd at Immarna Av, Lilli Pilli to Woolooware HS S012 Sutherland Shire School to St Joseph's School Como S12 Crescent Rd before Mirral Rd, Caringbah South to Woolooware HS S14 Rocky Point Rd after Wellington St, Sans Souci to Endeavour Sports HS S015 Sutherland Station to Garnet Rd after Ruby Rd, Gymea S15 Endeavour Sports HS to Woolooware HS via Caringbah Station S016 Garnet Rd before Sylvania Rd to Sutherland Station S017 Old Illawarra Rd opp Rosewall Dr, Menai to Menai PS S18 Woolware HS to Turriell Point Rd after Tamba Pl, Port Hacking S020 Lucas Heights Community School to Tharawal PS S021 Tharawal PS to Lucas Heights Community School S022 Alfords Point PS to Aquinas College Menai S023 Sutherland Shire School to Sutherland Station S024 Inaburra School to Bignell St after Stuart Cl, Illawong 
S028 Lucas Heights Community School to Alfords Pt via Bangor S035 Sutherland Shire School to Engadine HS S037 Engadine HS to Cooriengah Heights Rd at Kilmarnock Rd, Engadine S039 Sutherland Station to Lucas Heights Community School S041 St Patrick College Sutherland to Kirrawee HS S042 Kirrawee HS to Gymea Bay PS S43 Carringbah Station to Endeavour Sports HS S044 Barden Ridge to Tharawal PS via Bangor S045 Fowler Rd after Alfords Point Rd, Illawong to Sutherland Shire School S047 Inaburra School to Tudar Rd before Sunbury St, Sutherland via Bonnet Bay S048 Tharawal PS to Lucas Heights Community School S049 Lucas Heights Community School to Bignell St after Stuart Cl, Illawong S051 Holy Family PS to Old Illawara Rd at Monash Rd, Menai S054 Inaburra School to Menai HS S055 Menai HS to Bignell St after Stuart Cl, Illawong S058 Heathcote HS to Wollybutt Rd after Achilles Rd, Engadine S060 Inaburra School to Sutherland Station S062 Heathcote PS to Sutherland Shire School S063 Bundanoon Rd at Lowry Pl, Woronora Heights to St John Bosco College S064 Menai HS to Goorgool Rd at Kiara Cl, Bangor S065 Bignell St after Stuart Cl, Illawong to Holy Family PS S066 Inaburra School to Davies Rd at Nella St, Padstow via Illawong S069 Bangor Shopping Centre to Bangor PS S070 Lucas Heights Community School to Menai HS via Bangor S072 Holy Family PS to Australia Rd before Dalrymple Pl, Barden Ridge S073 Padstow Station to Gymea Technology HS S075 St John Bosco PS to Kingswood Rd at Lantana, Engadine S076 Sydney Technical HS to Westfield Hurstville S077 Bethany College to Hurstville Station S080 Inaburra School to Tharawal PS via Bangor S083 Marton PS to Woronora Heights S084 Sutherland Shire School to Marton PS via Heathcote S088 Alfords Point to Inaburra School via Menai S089 Inaburra School to Lucas Heights Community School S093 Carlton PS to Rockdale Station via Bethany College, Bexely S094 Carlton PS to Rockdale Station via Sydney Technical HS, Carlton S097 Georges River Rd at Fourth Av, Jannali to St Patricks PS via Oyster Bay S098 President Ave at Oak Rd, Kirrawee to Kirrawee PS S099 Bethany College to Hurstville Station S101 Holsworthy to Aquinas College and LHCS S102 Aquinas College and LHCS to Holsworthy S106 Sutherland PS to Gundain Rd at Muronga Pl, Kirrawee via Kareela S108 Hall Drive at Renford Cl, Menai to Menai HS via Alfords Point S109 Padstow Station to Lucas Heights Community School S114 Sutherland Shire School to Padstow Station S115 Sutherland Shire School to Westfields Hurstville vi Alford Pt S116 Bangor PS to Woronora Caravan Park via Bangor S117 Revesby Heights to Mt St Joseph HS via Padstow S118 Milperra PS to St Lukes PS S119 Picnic Point HS to Padstow Park PS via Padstow Heights S120 Beaconsfield St after Marigold St, Revesby to Georges River Grammar S121 De La Salle College to Padstow Station S123 Sir Joseph Banks HS to Bankstown Station S124 Gibson Rd after Bryant St, Padstow to Picnic Point HS S125 Dilke Rd at Villiers Rd, Padstow Heights to Picnic Point HS S127 Picnic Point HS to Bransgrove opp Sherwood Rd, Revesby S128 East Hills Boys HS to Picnic Point HS S129 WSU Bankstown to Picnic Point HS via The River Rd, Revesby S131 Mt St Jospeh Secondary School to Bankstown Station S132 Picnic Point HS to Padstow Station S134 De La Salle College to Mt St Joseph Secondary School S135 Mt St Joseph HS to Sandakan Rd at Roswell St, Revesby Heights S140 Georges River Grammar to Dlke Rd at Villiers Rd, Padstow Heights S143 Mt St Joseph Secondary School to Panania PS via Revesby Height S147 Picnic Point PS to Mt St Joseph Secondary School S148 Mt St Joseph Secondary to Gibson Avenue after Turvey St, Padstow S149 Glassop St before Little Rd, Yagoona to Kemps Creek PS S150 Christadelphian Heritage College Sydney to Yagoona Station S153 Sir Joseph Banks HS to Padstow Station S154 East Hills Boys HS to Mt St Joseph Secondary School S155 Mt St Joseph Secondary School to St Lukes PS S156 Bankstown Senior College to East Hills Boys HS S157 Bankstown Station to Mt St Joseph Secondary School S158 Mt Joseph Secondary School to East Hills Boys HS S162 WSU Bankstown to Mt St Joseph Secondary School via East Hills S163 Mt St Joseph Secondary School to East Hills Girls Technology HS S164 Picnic Point HS to Henry Lawson Dr before Fromelles Av, Milperra S166 Bankstown Station to Picnic Point HS S167 Sandakan Rd at Rowell St, Revesby Heights to East Hills Boys HS S168 Picnic Point HS to Gibson Av after Turvey St, Padstow S169 Mt St Joseph School to Padstow Station via Revesby PS S173 Delany College to Woodville Rd after William St, Granville S176 Sefton HS to Yagoona Station S177 East Hills Boys HS to Panania North PS S186 East Hills PS to Bankstown Hospital S193 Georges River Grammar to Revesby Station via East Hills Station S196 Heathcote HS to Bundanoon Rd at Sandpiper Pl via Woronora Heights S197 St John Bosco PS to Woronora Heights S199 Sydney Technical HS to Westfield Hurstville S201 Sylvania HS to Miranda Station S202 Sydney Technical HS to Beverly Hills Station S206 Hurstville Station to Bethany College S207 Beverly Hills Station to Bethany College S208 Hurstville PS to Norman Av at Gannon Av, Dolls Point S209 Blakehurst HS to Hurstville Station S210 Hurstville Station to St Ursulas College, Kingsgove S211 Bundanoon Rd opp Whimbrel Pl, Woronora Heights to Heathcote HS S212 Heathcote HS to Bundanoon Rd after Arkana Pl via Woronora Heights S224 Endeavour Sports HS to Sutherland Station S225 St John Bosco PS to Sutherland Station S228 Myrtle St at Spur Cr, Loftus to St John Bosco PS S229 Inaburra School to Prince Edward Park Rd Terminus, Woronora S233 Engadine HS to Woronora Heights S236 St John Bosco PS to Bundanoon Rd at Sandpiper Pl via Woronora Heights S244 Sutherland Station to Kirrawee HS S246 Kirrawee HS to Grays Point S247 St Catherine Laboure School to Kirrawee HS via Grays Point S248 Grays Point PS to St Catherine Laboure School S251 Sydney Technical HS to Westfields Hurstville S253 Kirrawee HS to Gymea Station, via Gymea Bay S255 Miranda Station to Sylvania Heights PS S256 Kogarah Station to Sylvania HS S258 Kirrawee HS to Sutherland Station S260 Sylvania HS to Hurstville Station S262 St Patrick College to Miranda Station via Sylvania S263 Kirrawee HS to Grays Point PS S264 Grays Point PS to Grays Point Rd after Swallow Rock Rd, Grays Point S265 Kirrawee PS to Kirrawee HS S266 Achilles Rd opp Cooriengah Heights Rd, Engadine to Sutherland Shire School S267 Bundanoon Rd at Lowry Pl, Woronora Heights to St John Bosco College S269 Sydney Technical HS to Westfields Hurstville S276 Jannali HS to Sutherland PS via Bonnet Bay S277 Sunbury St at Tudar Rd, Sutherland to Jannali HS via Bonnet Bay S281 Our Lady Star Of The Sea PS to Miranda Station S283 Grays Point Rd before Fernhill Pl, Grays Point to Kirrawee HS S285 Kirrawee HS to St Patricks PS S291 Jannali Station to St Patricks PS via Kareela S292 Bundanoon Rd at Lowry Pl, Woronora Heights to Marton PS S294 Sutherland PS to Our Lady Star Of The Sea PS S301 Toorak Av at Alexander Av, Taren Point to St Patricks College via Sylvania S308 Endeavour Sports HS to Como Rd Oyster Bay Oval, Oyster Bay S309 Kirrawee HS to Gymea Bay S311 Jannali HS to Loftus Station S312 Jannali HS to Oyster Bay PS S313 Sutherland PS to Harrison Av before Mcknley Av, Bonnet Bay S314 Green Point Rd at Riverview Rd, Oyster Bay to Sylvania HS S317 Milburn Rd at Talara Lane, Gymea to Princes Hwy after Rocklea Cr, Sylvania S319 Forest Rd before Premier St, Gymea to Kirrawee HS via Gymea Bay S320 North West Arm Rd after Greenhaven Rd, Grays Point to Kirrawee HS S323 Marton PS to Heathcote HS via Engadine S326 St Patricks College to Jannali Station via Oyster Bay & Como S331 Blakehurst HS to Hurstville Station S333 Woniora Rd after Princes Hwy, Blakehurst to Hurstville Station S337 Hurstville Station to Bethany College S343 Sir Joseph Banks HS to Bankstown Station 
S344 Sutherland Station, Stand C to Loftus PS S346 Heathcote HS to Cassandra Cr at Dalley Rd, Heathcote S361 Bethany College to Hurstville Station S363 Cronulla HS to Marton Park, Kurnell S370 Cronulla HS to Cronulla Station S371 Cronulla Station to Woolooware HS S372 Caringbah Station to Cronulla HS via Woolooware S373 Cronulla HS to Marton Park, Kurnell S374 Cronulla Station to Cronulla HS S375 Cronulla HS to Cronulla Station S376 Cronulla HS to Cronulla Station S377 Cronulla HS to Our Lady of Mercy College via Cronulla Station S378 Cronulla HS to Cronulla Staion S379 Cronulla HS to Eurabalong Rd after Rutherford Av, Burraneer via Carringbah S381 Our Lady of Mercy College to Miranda Westfields before Kiora Rd, Miranda S382 Our Lady of Mercy College to Miranda Station via Carringbah Station S383 Our Lady of Mercy College to Cronulla Station S385 Woolooware HS to Eurabalong Rd after Rutherford Av, Burraneer S386 Woolooware Rd before Rutherford Av, Burraneer to Woolooware HS S388 Woolooware HS to Cronulla Station S400 Chester Hill HS to Chester Hill Station S401 Buist St opp Walshaw Park, Bass hill to Trinity College S402 Auburn Rd before Alexander St, Yagoona to Chester Hill HS S403 Chester Hill HS to Chester Hill Station S404 Granville Station to Elliston St at Hecor St, Chester Hill S405 Trinitiy College to Auburn Rd before Church Rd, Yagoona S406 Birrong Girls HS to Walshaw Park, Yagoona S407 Trinity College to Miller Rd before Barbers Rd, Chester Hill S408 Chester Hill HS to Brodie St before Auburn Rd, Yagoona S409 Campbell Hill Rd before Moora St, Chester Hill to Trinity College S410 Chester Hill HS to Guildford Station S412 Rose St at Ernest St, Sefton to Trinity College via Berala S413 Bass Hill HS to Bankstown Station S414 Trinity College to Walshaw Park, Yagoona S423 Granville Station to Our Lady of Mercy College S424 Granville Station to Blaxcell St before Rawson Rd, South Granville S425 Delany College to Merrylands Station S426 Normanby St before Tangerine St, Fairfield East to Our Lady of Lebanon S427 Macathur Girls HS to Granville Station S428 Our Lady of Lebanon to Normansby St before Tangerine St, Fairfield East S429 Rawson Rd after Excelsior St, Guildford to Our Lady of Lebanon S430 Holy Trinity PS to Louis St at The Avenue, Granville S432 Old Guildford PS to Holy Trinity PS S434 Our Lady of Lebanon to Excelsior St after Adam St, Guildford S435 Donald St at Orchardleigh St, Guildford to Our Lady of Lebanon S436 Our Lady of Lebnon to Excelsior St at Farnell St, Merrylands S438 Our Lady of Lebanon to Broughton St after South Pde, Old Guildford S440 Granville Station to Merrylands HS S441 Cerdon College to Merrylands Station S443 Granville PS to Delany College via South Granville S445 Delany College to Old Guildford PS S446 Our Lady of Lebanon to Springfield Park, Old Guildford S447 Broughton St after Shackel Av, Old Guildford to Our Lady of Lebanon S452 Cerdon College to Woolworths Blaxcell St after Thomas St, Granville S500 Birrong Girls HS to The Boulevarde at Liverpool Rd Bankstown S501 La Salle College to Chester Hill PS via Georges Hall S502 Auburn West PS to Auburn Station S503 Bankstown Hospital, Artegall St to Bankstown Station S505 Mt St Joseph Secondary School to Chester Hilll Station S506 Johnston Rd before Walther Av, Bass Hill to Bankstown Station S507 Mt St Joseph Secondary School to Marion St after Little Rd, Bankstown S510 Delfin Dr at Collie Ct, Moorebank to East Hills Boys HS via Chipping Norton S511 Granville Boys HS to Excelsior St after Meadows St, Merrylands S512 Chester Hill PS to La Salle College via Georges Hall S514 Granville Boys HS to Park Rd at Chiswick Rd, Auburn S517 Condell Park HS to Bankstown Station S519 Moorebank HS to Hammondville PS via Wattle Grove S520 Nuwarra PS to Delfin Dr after Collie Ct, Moorebank via Hammondville S521 Al Amanah College to Bankstown Station S523 Bass Hill HS to Mitchell St at Cary Way, Fairfield East via Villawood S524 Liverpool Station to Moorebank HS S525 East Hills Boys HS to Moorebank Av before Bapaume Rd, Moorebank S526 Wattle Grove PS to Delfin Dr after Collie Ct, Moorebank S527 Al Amanah College to Bankstown Station S528 Delfin Dr at Collie Ct, Moorebank to Moorebank HS via Wattle Grove S530 Chester Hill Station to Mt St Joseph HS S532 Chipping Norton to All Saint Senior College, via Wattle Grove S533 All Saint Senior College to Epsom Rd before Newbridge Rd, Chipping Norton S534 Pringle Av after Chertsey Av,Bankstown to Mount St Joseph HS S535 Georges River Grammar to Condell Park HS via Bass Hill S536 The Horsley Dr at Bennett Av, Carramar to Chester Hill HS S537 Normanby St after River Av, Villawood to Bass Hill HS S542 Moorebank HS to Delfin Dr before Wattle Grove Dr, Wattle Grove S543 Marion St at Pringle Av, Bankstown to Mt St Joseph HS via Yagoona S544 Georgina St at Warringa St, Bass Hill to East Hills Boys HS S545 Moorebank HS to Holsworthy station S548 Strathfield HS to Waterloo Rd before Wangee Rd, Greenacre S550 Condell Park HS to Marion St opp Thella Kenway Reserve S551 Mt St Joseph HS to Pringle Av before Chertsey Av, Bankstown S552 East Hills PS to Townsend St at manahan St, Condell Park S553 East Hills Boys HS to Bellevue Av before Surrey Av, Georges Hall S556 St Christophers PS to Georges River Grammar via Chipping Norton S557 Georges River Grammar to East Hills Boys HS S558 East Hills Boys HS to Georges River Grammar S559 Georges River Grammar to Holsworthy Station S560 Maddecks Av opp Moorebank Plaza to Mt St Joseph HS S561 WSU Bankstown to St Marks College via Holsworthy Station S563 Moorebank HS to Liverpool Station S564 Newbridge Heights PS to Delfin Dr before Anzac Rd, Moorebank S565 Al Faisal College to Amity College S566 Moorebank HS to Liverpool Station S567 Amity College to Bridge St at New St E, Lidcombe via Auburn S568 Lidbury St after Park Rd, Berala to Amity College via Auburn S569 Moorebank HS to Liverpool Station S570 Amity College to Lidbury St before Park Rd, Berala via Auburn S572 Bankstown Station to Condell Park PS S574 Condell Park HS to St Marys PS S575 Mt St Joseph HS to Delfin Dr before Anzac Rd, Moorebank S577 Guildford Station to Blaxcell Street PS S578 Blaxcell Street PS to Berala Station via Guildford S579 Guildford Station to Kingsland Rd before Wilga St via Auburn S580 Cumberland Rd before Cardigan St, Auburn to Auburn West PS S581 Kingsland Rd before Wyatt Av Regents Park to Guildford Station S582 Guildford Statoin to Malek Fahd School via South Granville S583 Strathfield South HS to Noble Av before Boronia Rd, Greenacre S584 Malek Fahd School to Guildford Station S585 Cumberland Rd at Wellington Rd, Auburn to Malek Fahd School via Berala S586 Strathfield South HS to Mobil Service Station Boronia Rd, Greenacre S587 Malek Fahd School to Cumberland Rd before Wellington Rd, Auburn S588 Bankstown Central to Al Amanah College S589 Delfin Dr before Anzac Rdto Newbridge Heights PS via Wattle Grove S590 Bankstown Central to Al Amanah College S591 Fairfield PS to Orchard Rd at North St, Fairfield S595 Fairfield Station to Chester Hill HS S597 Orchard Rd at North St Fairfield to Fairfield PS S598 Chester Hill HS to Normanby St at Tangerine St, Fairfield East S599 Chester Hill HS to Fairfield Station S600 Fairfield Station to Sefton HS S601 Villawood Station to Chester Hill HS S603 Sefton HS to Fairfield Station via Villawood Station S604 Lidcombe Statoin to Auburn West PS via Regents Park S605 Auburn West PS to Lidcombe Station via Regents Park S606 Birdwood Rd at Birdwood Lne, Georges Hall to Mt St Joseph HS S607 Chipping Norton Market Plaza to Newbridge Heights PS via Moorebank HS S611 Moorebank HS to Abingdon St at Ascot Dr, Chipping Norton S612 Mt St Joseph HS to Georges River Grammar via Condell Park S615 Chester Hill HS to Tangerine St after Manderin St, Villawood S616 Chester Hill HS to Mitchell St at Gary Way, Fairfield East S617 Nuwarra PS to De La Salle College via Chipping Norton S619 De La Salle College to Delfin Dr before Anzac Rd, Moorebank S622 Keoto Av at Pritchard Av, Hammondville to Moorebank HS via Wattle Grove S910 Elliston St at Priam St, Chester Hill to Hector St at View St, Sefton 
1 1qav3o2nlj44m5uqsete5oq131 fbfee7d346708067708de089953b9e67 d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e 0 94631 en-us 0 MTuWThFSa (Sep 26, 2018 - Dec 31, 2018) Transdev NSW Transdev NSW 905 Bankstown to Fairfield New South Wales Australia


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Official Transdev NSW Data
Updated: Sep 26, 2018




MTuWThFSa (Sep 26, 2018 - Dec 31, 2018)

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MTuWThFSa (Sep 26, 2018 - Dec 31, 2018)

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905 Bankstown to Fairfield - Transdev NSW

MTuWThFSa (Sep 26, 2018 - Dec 31, 2018)

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Official Transdev NSW Data
Updated: Sep 26, 2018