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11 Charlestown and Jesmond to Queens Wharf 12 Maryland and Wallsend to Merewether Beach via Newcastle Interchange 13 Glendale to Queens Wharf via John Hunter Hospital & Cardiff 14 Belmont and Charlestown to Queens Wharf via Kotara 21 Broadmeadow to Newcastle East via Merewether 22 Charlestown to Newcastle Interchange via Merewether 23 Wallsend to Newcastle Interchange via Lambton 24 Wallsend to Marketown via Mayfield 25 Charlestown to Broadmeadow via Kotara 26 Wallsend to Newcastle Interchange via Kotara 27 Wallsend to Broadmeadow via Newcastle University 28 Mount Hutton to Newcastle Interchange via Broadmeadow 29 Swansea Heads to Glendale via Cardiff 41 Belmont to Mount Hutton via Croudace Bay 42 Wallsend to John Hunter Hospital 43 Belmont to Mount Hutton via Floraville 44 Cardiff South to Charlestown via Macquarie Hills 45 Swansea North to Belmont via Pelican 46 Warners Bay to Wallsend via Glendale 47 Jesmond to Marketown via Warabrook 48 Belmont to Warners Bay via Redhead & Charlestown 55N Stockton to Newcaastle 110 Customs House to Newcastle Interchange (Loop Service) 500 Belmont North to Belmont 501 Jewells to Belmont 502 Jewells to Belmont High 504 Belmont Depot to Jewells 507 Jewells to Belmont 508 Kahibah - Belmont Christian College 522 City West to Belmont via Broadmeadow, Kahibah & Charlestown 549 City West, Stewart Ave to Swansea North 550 Swansea Heads to Newcastle West via Adamstown & Newcastle Interchange 551 Broadmeadow to Belmont North via Adamstown & Jewels 563 Broadmeadow to Warners Bay via Glendale & Speers Point 570 Swansea Heads to Queens Wharf via Adamstown & Newcastle Interchange 700 Warabrook to Mayfield 701 Adamstown Heights to Adamstown Primary 702 Birmingham Gardens to Shortland Primary 704 Charlestown to New Lambton South Primary 705 Mayfield East to Lambton High 706 Warabrook to Merewether High 707 Whitebridge to St Josephs Primary 
708 Redhead to St Josephs Primary 710 Newcastle Interchange to Callaghan College 711 Adamstown Hts to Belair Primary 712 Glebe to Holy Family School 714 Merewether High to Hamilton 715 Cooks Hill to Merewether High 718 Carrington to Hunter School of Performing Arts 719 Newcastle Station to Newcastle High 720 Belmont Depot to Whitebridge High 721 Belmont Depot to Hunter Sports High 724 Highfields to Whitebridge High 725 Highfields to Whitebridge High 726 St Francis Xavier to Hunter Sports High 727 Speers Point to Hunter Sports High 728 Redhead Bluff to Whitebridge High 729 Jesmond to St Pius X High School 730 Jesmond to Kotara High 731 Merewether Heights to St Phillips College 732 St Phillips College to Newcastle station 733 Waratah Callahan College - Kotara High 734 Merewether High to Cardiff High 735 Cooks Hill to Hunter Christian School 736 Cardiff to Cardiff South Primary 739 Warabrook to Wallsend Campus Callaghan College 741 Mount Hutton to St Marys Gateshead 743 Hunter School Of Performing Arts to The Junction 744 Windale Shops to Gateshead Primary 747 Pelican to Swansea High 748 Swansea Heads to St Patricks 749 Marks Point to Swansea High 751 Charlestown to St Josephs Primary 753 Warabrook to Corpus Christi School 755 Waratah West to San Clemente 756 Hillsborough to Whitebridge High 757 Charlestown to Hunter Sports High 758 Charlestown to Warners Bay High 760 Elermore Vale to New Lambton Primary 761 Lambton High School to Grinsell St near Carnley Av 763 Charlestown to Glendale High 765 New Lambton Heights to Lambton High 767 Blacksmiths to St Marys School Gateshead 768 New Lambton Heights to Wallsend South Primary 
770 Wallsend to Lambton High 771 Dudley to Hunter Sports High 773 Charlestown to St Pius X High 774 Shortland to Callaghan College Waratah Campus 775 Swansea Heads to St Marys Gateshead 776 New Lambton Primary to Kotara High 778 St James Primary to Kotara South 779 St Marys School to Blacksmiths 780 Kotara to Kotara High 781 Belmont Depot to Glendale High 782 Glendale to Cardiff High 783 Carrington to Mayfield West Primary 786 Marks Point to St Patricks Primary School 789 Elermore Vale to Kotara High 790 Eleebana to Warners Bay High 791 Highfields to Kahibah Primary 792 Eleebana to Warners Bay Primary 793 St Marys Warners Bay to Tingira Heights 794 Belmont Depot to St Marys Warners Bay 796 Waners Bay High to Warners Bay Primary 797 Swansea South to Swansea High 798 Belmont Depot to Hunter Sports High 799 Swansea South to Swansea High 800 Jewells to Floraville Primary 801 Belmont South to Belmont Primary 802 warners Bay to Mount Hutton Primary School 804 Mount Hutton to Warners Bay High 806 Swansea to Belmont High 808 St Pius X High to The Junction 809 Belmont Depot to St Pauls Booragul 810 Boolaroo to Warners Bay Primary 811 St Kevins to St Pauls Booragul 812 St Kevins to St Pauls Booragul 813 Cardiff South to St Pauls Booragul 814 Belmont to St Pauls Booragul 815 Newcastle Station to St Pius X School 816 Hamilton East to St Pius X School 817 Merewether Heights to Kotara High 818 Newcastle Station to Kotara High 819 Newcastle West to Kotara High 820 St Marys to Lakelands 822 Belmont Depot to Whitebridge High 
823 Belmont Depot to Whitebridge High 824 Belmont Depot to Newcastle East Primary 825 Macquarie Hills to St Marys to Bibadah Public School 826 Belmont Depot to St Marys Gateshead 829 Belmont Depot to Whitebridge High 830 New Lambton Heights to Merewether High 831 New Lambton Heights to New Lambton Primary 832 New Lambton Heights to Merewether High 833 Rankin Park to Merewether High 834 Wallsend to St Pius X High 835 Wallsend to Kotara High 836 New Lambton Heights to Newcastle Grammar 837 Charlestown to Warners Bay High 838 Wallsend to St Pius X High 839 Jesmond to Lambton High 840 Charlestown to Hunter Christian School 841 Charlestown to Hunter Christian School 842 Lakelands to Hunter Christian School 844 Belmont Christian College to Swansea High 845 New Lambton Heights to Hunter Christian School 846 St Marys Warners Bay to Belmont Christian College 847 St Patricks to Belmont Christian College 848 Croudace Bay to Belmont Primary School 849 Charlestown to Lambton High 851 Belmont Depot to Warners Bay High 852 Belmont Depot to Warners Bay High 853 Belmont Depot to Warners Bay High 855 Eleebana to St Francis Xavier 856 Croudace Bay to Valentine Primary 857 St Francis Xavier to Belmont 858 Hunter Christian - Ambleside Cct Lakelands 859 North Lambton to Callaghan College Wallsend Campus 860 Belmont Christian School to Charlestown 861 St Francis Xavier to Marks Point 862 Warners Bay High to Belmont Christian School 863 New Lambton to Belmont Christian School 864 Mount Hutton to Macquarie College 865 Belmont Depot to Macquarie College 867 Newcastle High to St Pius X College 868 Hamilton Depot to Macquarie College 869 Charlestown to Hunter School of Performing Arts 870 Callaghan College Wallsend Campus to Shortland 


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Official Newcastle Transport Data
Updated: Jun 18, 2018




Weekday (Jun 18, 2018 - Sep 26, 2018)

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Weekday (Jun 18, 2018 - Sep 26, 2018)

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710 Newcastle Interchange to Callaghan College - Newcastle Transport

Weekday (Jun 18, 2018 - Sep 26, 2018)

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Official Newcastle Transport Data
Updated: Jun 18, 2018