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850 Narellan Town Centre to Minto 852 Carnes Hill Marketplace to Liverpool via Greenway Dr & Cowpasture Rd 853 Carnes Hill to Liverpool via Hoxton Park Rd 856 Bringelly to Liverpool 857 Narellan to Liverpool 875 Minto to St Andrews (Loop Service) 876 Macquarie Fields Station to Eucalyptus Dr (Loop Service) 1001 Old Kurrajong & Hume to Good Samaritan College 1002 Braidwood & Fortunato to Casula HS 1003 Mill Rd & Hume Hwy to Liverpool West PS 1004 Congressional Dr & Hume Hwy to Casula HS 1005 Bringelly & Allenby to Liverpool Schools 1006 Holston St & Hume Hwy to Unity Grammar College 1009 Cowpasture & Collarenebri to Hoxton Park PS 1010 Bringelly & Allenby to Rossmore PS 1012 Liverpool Station to Hoxton Park PS 1013 Kelvin Park & Medich to Macarthur Anglican College 1014 Mersey & Northern to Bringelly PS & Holy Family 1025 Dwyer & Camden Valley to Leppington PS & Carnes Hill 1026 Fifteenth & Twentyeighth to Cecil Hills HS 1027 Harrow & O'Malley to Lurnea PS 1028 Badgerys Creek to John Edmondson HS 1029 Alma Road & George Rd to St Pauls PS 1030 Corfield & Braidwood to All Saints HS 1049 Bardia PS to St Patricks College 2005 Lurnea PS to Congressional Dr 2007 Narellan PS to Glenfield Station 2009 John Edmondson HS to Austral 2010 James Busby HS to Mannow Av 2013 Good Shepherd PS to Austral 2014 Thomas Hassall College to Horningsea Park 2015 Clancy College to Rossmore PS 2017 Bringelly PS to Rossmore 2019 Good Shepherd PS to Casula 2022 All Saints Schools to Prestons 2024 All Saints Schools to Lurnea & Casula 2025 Johns Edmondson HS to Austral 2026 Good Samaritan to Middleton Grange 
2027 Hoxton Park HS to Horningsea Park 2028 John Edmondson HS to Leppington 2029 Catherine Fields Rd near Camden Valley Way to Casula 2031 All Saints Hs to Prestons 2032 Good Shepherd PS to Bringelly & Kelvin Park 2033 Austral PS to Gurner Ave 2034 All Saints HS to Leppington 2035 All Saints HS to Liverpool 2037 Dalmeny PS to Prestons 2038 William Carey Christian School to Camden 2039 Good Samaritan to Carnes Hill 2040 Thomas Hassall College to Prestons 2041 William Carey Christian School to Rossmore 2042 Holy Spirit PS to Austral 2043 Magdalene HS to Leppington 2044 Leppington PS to Ridge Square & Narellan 2045 Richardson Rd to Casula Mall 2046 Casula PS to Liverpool 2048 Unity Grammar College to Hume Hwy after Graham Av 2051 John Edmondson HS to Rossmore & Leppington 2052 St Gregorys College to Austral 2053 Magdalene HS to Leppington 2054 Macarthur Anglican College to Leppington 2055 William Carey Christian School to Glenfield & Denham Court 2056 Cecil Hills HS to Austral 2057 Austral PS to Rutleigh Park 2058 Lurnea PS to Horningsea Park 2060 Unity Grammar College to Lurnea 2061 Lurnea HS to Liverpool 2063 William Carey Christian School to Glen Innes 2064 Clancy College to Prestons 2065 Clancy College to Prestons 2067 Casula HS to Prestons 2068 Dalmeny PS to Prestons 2069 Ingleburn HS to Denham Court 2070 Casula HS to Prestons 2071 Thomas Hassall College to Liverpool 2076 St Benedict's College to Bringelly 
2077 Holy Family PS to Bringelly 2078 All Saints HS to Liverpool 2080 Clancy College to Prestons & Casula 2082 Clancy College to Prestons 3001 Macquarie Links & Governors Way to St Gregorys College 3002 Stranraer & Ballantrae to Bardia PS 3003 Minto to Leumeah HS 3004 Mortimer & Guernsey to Macquarie Fields HS 3005 Wills & Kingdon to Mt Carmel HS 3006 Ingleburn Station to Macquarie Fields HS 3007 Macquarie Fields Station to Mt Carmel HS 3008 Ingleburn Station to Macquarie Fields HS 3009 Hansens Rd & Duncan St to Mt Carmel HS 3010 Macarthur Square to William Carey Christian School 3012 Ingleburn Station to Inglburn HS 3013 Evelyn St & Grounsel Ave to Glenfield PS 3014 Macquarie Fields Shops to Ingleburn PS 3015 Townson & Westmoreland to Mt Carmel HS 3016 Rudd Rd & Queen St to William Carey Christian School 3017 Campbelltown & Central Park to St Andrews PS 3018 Campbelltown & Central Park to Mary Immaculate PS 3019 Eschol Park to Raby Shops 3020 Minto Mall to The Grange PS & Sackville PS 3021 Interline Depot to St Gregorys College 3022 Wills & Kingdon to Sackville Street PS 3024 Robert Townson HS to William Carey Christian School 3025 Victoria & Atchison Rds to Inglburn HS 3026 Ballantrae & Inverness to Robert Townsend HS 3027 Campbelltown & Bouddi to Mt Carmel HS 3028 Varroville to Mt Carmel HS & St Andrews PS 3029 Glenfield to Mt Carmel HS 3030 Raby Shops to St Johns PS 3031 Ingleburn Station to Leumeah HS 3032 Westmoreland & Hansens to Ingleburn Station 3033 Macquarie Fields Shops to Liverpool Boys HS 3034 Ingleburn HS to Minto Station 3035 Hansens Rd & Duncan St to Minto Station 3036 Mt Carmel HS to Ingleburn 
3037 Townson Av & Westmoreland Rd to Minto PS 3038 Salisbury & Newtown to Glenfield PS 3039 Ingleburn Station to Macquarie Fields HS 4001 Ingleburn PS to Oxford & Collins 4002 Macquarie Fields HS to Macquarie Fields Station 4003 Glenfield PS to Macquarie Fields 4004 Holy Family to Raby 4005 Mary Immaculate PS to Bow Bowing 4006 St Andrews PS to Varroville 4007 Mt Carmel HS to Long Point 4008 St Gregorys College to Macquarie Fields 4009 William Carey Christian School to Raby 4010 William Carey Christian School to Campbelltown 4011 Casula HS to Glenquarie Shops 4012 Macquarie Fields HS to Macquarie Fields Station 4013 Macquarie Fields HS to Ingleburn 4014 Ingleburn Station to Macquarie Fields 4015 Mt Carmel HS to Ingleburn 4016 Robert Townson HS to Minto Station 4017 Leumeah HS to Townson Ave 4018 St Johns PS to Raby & St Andrews PS 4019 Robert Townson HS to Eagle Vale 4020 Eagle Vale HS to Raby 4021 Leumeah HS to Minto 4023 Robert Townson HS to Bow Bowing 4024 St Andrews PS to Raby 4025 Mt Carmel HS to Minto Station 4026 Mt Carmel HS to Minto Heights 4027 Robert Townson HS to St Andrews PS 4028 William Carey Christian School to Minto 4029 Mt Carmel HS to Ingleburn 4030 Minto to Minto Heights 4031 Bardia PS to Bow Bowing & St Andrews 4032 Mt Carmel HS to Glenfield Station 4033 Robert Townson HS to St Andrews PS 4034 St Gregorys College to Macquarie Fields S9 Glenfield to Glenquarie Shops (Loop Service) 
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Official Interline Bus Services Data
Updated: Mar 30, 2017




Weekday (Mar 30, 2017 - Dec 29, 2017)

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Weekday (Mar 30, 2017 - Dec 29, 2017)

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857 Narellan to Liverpool - Interline Bus Services

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Official Interline Bus Services Data
Updated: Mar 30, 2017



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