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GREENHOPPER EVENING SATURDAY[V:0000] Greenhopper Evening Saturday GREENHOPPER EVENING[V:0001] Greenhopper Evening GREENHOPPER[V:0001] Greenhopper ILLINI LIMITED EVENING SATURDAY[V:0001] Illini Limited Evening Saturday ILLINI LIMITED EVENING[V:0001] Illini Limited Evening ILLINI LIMITED SATURDAY[V:0001] Illini Limited Saturday ILLINI LIMITED SUNDAY[V:0001] Illini Limited Sunday ILLINI LIMITED[V:0001] Illini Limited NAVY[V:0001] Navy RAVEN[V:0001] Raven RED SATURDAY[V:0001] Red Saturday RED[V:0001] Red SILVER LIMITED EVENING SATURDAY[V:0001] Silver Limited Evening Saturday SILVER LIMITED EVENING[V:0001] Silver Limited Evening SILVER LIMITED SATURDAY[V:0001] Silver Limited Saturday SILVER LIMITED SUNDAY[V:0001] Silver Limited Sunday SILVER[V:0001] Silver TEAL EVENING SATURDAY[V:0000] Teal Evening Saturday TEAL EVENING SATURDAY[V:0001] Teal Evening Saturday TEAL EVENING[V:0000] Teal Evening TEAL EVENING[V:0001] Teal Evening TEAL LATE NIGHT SATURDAY[V:0000] Teal Late Night Saturday TEAL LATE NIGHT SATURDAY[V:0001] Teal Late Night Saturday TEAL LATE NIGHT SUNDAY[V:0000] Teal Late Night Sunday TEAL LATE NIGHT SUNDAY[V:0001] Teal Late Night Sunday TEAL LATE NIGHT[V:0000] Teal Late Night TEAL LATE NIGHT[V:0001] Teal Late Night TEAL SATURDAY[V:0000] Teal Saturday TEAL SATURDAY[V:0001] Teal Saturday TEAL SUNDAY[V:0000] Teal Sunday TEAL SUNDAY[V:0001] Teal Sunday TEAL[V:0000] Teal TEAL[V:0001] Teal 
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Updated: Apr 21, 2017




Weekday (May 1, 2017 - May 12, 2017)

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Weekday (May 1, 2017 - May 12, 2017)

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7 Grey - CUMTD

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Official CUMTD Data
Updated: Apr 21, 2017



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