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32 Spencer to Gosford 33 Somersby to Gosford via Industrial Estate & West Gosford 33/4 Gosford to Somersby industrial Estate and Kariong (Loop Service) 34 Gosford to Kariong (Loop Service) 36 Gosford to Niagara Park (Loop Service) 37 Tuggerah to Gosford via Lisarow 37/8 Ourimbah to Gosford via Wyoming 38 Gosford to Wyoming (Loop Service) 38/7 Gosford to Ourimbah via Wyoming 50 WoyWoy to Umina via Ocean Beach Rd (Loop Service) 50/3 Woy Woy to Umina & Booker Bay (Loop Service) 53 Woy Woy to Booker Bay (Loop Service) 54 WoyWoy to Pearl Beach & Patonga via Umina Beach (Loop Service) 55 Ettalong Beach to Gosford via Woy Woy and Umina Beach 57 Umina Beach West to Woy Woy via Umina Beach & Woy Woy South 58 Woy Woy to Woy Woy Bay & Phegans Bay (Loop Service) 59 Wagstaffe to Woy Woy via Empire Bay, Booker Bay & Ettalong 63 Gosford to Saratoga & Davistown via Green Pt & Erina Fair (Loop Service) 64 Woy Woy to Gosford via Empire Bay & Kincumber 65 Wagstaffe to Gosford via Macmasters Beach & Kincumber 66A Gosford to Avoca Beach & Copacabana via Kincumber & Green Pt (Loop Service) 66C Gosford to Copacabana & Avoca Beach via Kincumber & Green Pt (Loop Service) 67 Gosford to North Avoca via Terrigal (Loop Service) 68 Gosford to Wamberal via Terrigal (Loop Service) 70 Ettalong Beach to Gosford via Pt Clare, Tascott & Woy Woy 78 Lake Haven to Tuggerah via Sparks Rd, Warnervale & Wadalba 79 Lake Haven to Tuggerah via Woongarrah, Hamlyn Terrace & Wattanobi 80 Lake Haven to Tuggerah via Lake Haven Dr & Pacific Hwy 81 Lake Haven to Tuggerah via Kanwal, Wyongah & Wadalba 82 Lake Haven to Tuggerah via Wyongah, Tuggerawong & Tacoma 90 Lake Haven to Toukley & Budgewoi (Loop Service) 91 Lake Haven to Norah Head via Toukely & Noraville (Loop Service) 92 Lake Haven to Budgewoi & Toukley (Loop Service) 93 Noraville to Tuggerah via Wyong & Toukley 94 Budgewoi to Tuggerah via San Remo & Wyong 95 Lake Haven to Morisset via Gwandalan & Mannering Park 95X Lake Haven to Wyee via Gwandalan 96 Budgewoi to Wyee via Blue Haven 97 Lake Haven to Wyee and Mannering Park (Loop Service) 98 Lake Haven to Chain Valley Bay via Blue Haven (Loop Service) 99 Lake Haven to Charlestown via Blue Haven, Gwandalan & Swansea 2002 Ettalong Memorial Club to Umina PS 2011 Woy Woy Station to Point Clare PS 2012 West St to Ettalong Memorial Club 2018 Copacabana Dr to Holy Cross PS via Cullens Rd 2030 Castle Cct to Woy Woy South PS 2036 St Huberts Island to St Patricks PS 2059 Carrington St after Manns Rd to Niagara Park PS 2062 Melville Rd to Kincumber HS 2075 Ourimbah Creek Rd to Lisarow HS 2079 Woy Woy Station to Brisbane Waters College, Umina 2081 Chico St to Gosford Station 2083 Gosford Station to International Football School 2084 Wagstaffe PO to Green Point Shops 2085 Lisarow Station to Lisarow HS via Fagans Rd 2086 Narara PS to Lisarow PS via Fagans Rd 2087 Castle Cct to Brisbane Waters College, Woy Woy 2088 Orange Grove Rd to Brisbane Waters College, Umina 2089 Umina PS to St Edwards & St Josephs College 2090 Terrigal PS to Erina Heights PS 
2091 Our Lady Of The Rosary School to Lisarow HS 2092 St Philips College to Chamberlain Rd near Giselle Av 2093 Kincumber PS to Copacabana PS 2094 Koolewong Station to St Patricks PS 2095 Woy Woy Station to Empire Bay PS 2096 Maliwa Rd to Narara PS 2097 Umina PS to St Edwards & St Josephs College 2102 59 The Rampart Before Castle Cct to St Edwards Brothers College 2103 Woy Woy Station to Holy Cross PS via St Huberts Island 2104 West St Before Oscar St Coles to St Patrick PS 2106 Gosford Station to St Phillips College 2107 Point Clare Station to Henry Kendall HS 2108 Lake Haven Shopping Centre to Belmont College 2109 Wyong Station to St Peters College 2110 Yarramba Rd after Summerland Rd to Lake Munmorah HS via Gwandalan PS 2111 Ravendale to St Cecilias School 2112 Pollock Av after Johns Rd to Wadalba Community School via Rocky point 2113 Summerland Point to Lakes Grammar School via Kingfisher Shores 2114 Mannering Park PS to Lake Munmorah HS 2115 Main Rd at Birriga Rd to Gorokan HS 2116 NorthLakes HS to St Brendans PS via Kingfisher Shores 2117 Hiawatha Rd after Sparks Rd to Kanwal PS via Warnervale PS 2118 Catho Pub, Clarke St to Nords Wharf PS 2119 Parraweena Rd opp Pinaroo Rd to St Brendans PS 2120 Moala Pde after Pacific Hwy to Toukley PS via Norah Head 2121 Lake Haven Shopping Centre to Wyong Station 2124 Summerland Point to St Brendans PS via Chain Valley Bay 2125 Norah Head Park, Bungary Rd to Lakes grammar School via Toukley 2126 Anglican Care, Mataram Rd to Wadalba Community School 2127 Lake Haven Shopping Centre to Lakes Grammar School 2128 Eloura Av after Narambi Rd to Budgewoi PS 2129 Wyong Station to St Peters College 2130 Tuggerawong Rd at Jensen Rd to Wadalba Community School 2131 Fravent St opp Hammond Rd to Gorokan HS 2132 Ivy Av after Scaysbrook Av to Lake Munmorah HS 2134 Mini St at Hutton Rd to Wiripaang PS 2135 Kanwal PS to Gorokan PS 2136 Lake Haven Shopping Centre to Toukley PS via St Marys PS 2137 CharmHaven Shops, Pacific Hwy to Kanwal PS via Lake Haven Shopping Centre 2138 Munmorah United Bowling Club, Colongra Bay Rd to Lake Munmorah HS 2139 Bloodtree Rd at George Downes Dr to Central Mangrove PS via Cedar Brush Crk 2141 High St after Government Rd to Lake Munmorah HS 2142 Howelston Rd after Marks Rd to Kanwal PS 2143 Ruttleys Rd at Vales Rd to Lake Munmorah PS 2144 Wyong Station to Wyong PS 2145 Kanwal Village Shops to Wadalba Community School 2146 Tuggerawong Rd opp Murrawal Rd to St Peters College 2147 Brittania Dr before Guardian Rd to Wyong HS 2148 Nurses Rd before Georges Downes Dr to Peats Ridge PS viaPacific Hwy 2149 Lake Munmorah HS to Lake Grammar School 2150 Budgewoi Rd before Ourringo St to Northlakes HS 2151 Narambi Rd opp Lorne St to Northlakes HS 2152 Lake Haven Shopping Centre to Warnervale PS 2154 BloodTree Rd at George Downes Dr to Wilsemans Ferry Rd at Hallards Rd 2155 Gwandalan Reserve, Kanangra Dr to Lake Munmorah HS 2156 Magnolia Manor, Wahroonga Rd to Wadalba Community School 2157 Yeramba Rd after Summerland Rd to Lake Munmorah HS 2158 Elizabeth Bay Dr before Quisenberry Dr to Mackillop College 2159 Wyong Station to Wyong PS 2160 Swansea Plaza, Bowmans St to Mackillop College via Caves Beach PS 
2161 Norah Head Park, Bungary Rd to Noraville 2162 Wallarah Rd at Rita Rd to Wyong PS via Tacoma PS 2163 Kaye Av before Stanley St to Wadalba Community School 2164 NorthLakes HS toSt Cecilias School via Watanobbi 2165 Warnervale PS to Wadabla Community School 2166 NorthLakes HS to St Brendans PS via Wyee Point & Mannering PS 2169 Pacific Hwy opp Mataram Rd to :ales Grammar School 2516 Narara Valley HS to Wyoming Medical Centre, Kinarra Av 2519 Erina HS to Avoca Dr opp Bayside Dr 2521 Terrigal PS to Ocean View Dr after Pacific St 2526 Erina Heights PS to Avoca Dr, opp Bowling Club via North Avoca 2533 St Edwards Brothers College to Green Point College 2535 Henry Kendall HS to Kariong 2557 Ourimbah PS to Manns Rd at Adam St 2575 St Patricks PS to Kariong 2579 The Croft Annex to Woy Woy Station via Booker Bay 2580 Wyoming PS to Old Maitland Rd at Preston Rd 2581 Kincumber HS to The Round Dr opp Ridgeway Rd 2582 Green Point College to Erina St at Mann St 2583 Erina HS to Paringa Av before Davidstown Rd 2585 Brisbane Water Secondary College to Woy Woy station 2587 Wyoming PS to Lisarow Station 2588 Kincumber HS to Copacabana Dr after Helen Dr 2589 St Edwards Brothers College to Woy Woy Rd opp Marbarry Av 2591 Wagstaffe Av at Mulhall St to Empire Bay PS 2596 The Croft Annex to Kincumber PS via Woy Woy Station & St Hurberts Island 2603 Gosford HS to Gosford Station 2610 Lisarow HS to Gosford HS 2615 St Patricks PS to Koolewong Station 2619 Valley View PS to Maliwa Rd at Showground Rd 2620 Lisarow HS to Valley View PS 2624 Ourimbah PS to Pacific Hwy at Nurra Rd 2626 St Patricks PS to Woy Woy Station 2627 Avoca Beach PS to Kincumber PS 2629 Ourimbah PS to Ourimbah Creek Rd 2630 Henry Kendall HS to Brisbane Water Dr near Sunnyside Av 2631 Lisarow HS to Sunset St near Rugby Cl 2632 Brisbane Waters College, Umina to West St opp Bullion St 2633 Empire Bay PS to Empire Bay Dr opp Palmers Ln via Kildare St 2634 Kincumber PS to Kincumber Church via Kildare St 2635 Narara PS to Lisarow HS 2636 St Philips College to Terrigal Surf Club 2637 Budgewoi PS to Elouera Av via Buff Point Av 2638 Lake Munmorah HS to Manering Park 2641 North Entrance to Lake Haven Dr opp Alisa Cl 2642 St Peters College to Ravensdale Rd 2643 Wadalba PS to Woongarrah PS 2644 Woongarrah PS to Sparks Rd at Coral Gum Rd 2645 Tacoma PS to Wahroonga Rd opp Pearce Rd 2646 Nords Wharf PS to Flowers Dr at Pacific Hwy via Clarke St 2647 Wadalba HS to Tuggerawong Rd at Jensen Rd 2648 Kanwal PS to Kanwal Shops 2649 Gorokan HS to Bungary Rd before Denison St 2651 MacKillop College to Lakes Surf Club 2652 Gorokan PS to Pacific Hwy at Moala Pde 2653 Lake Munmorah HS to Summerland Rd opp Cams Bvd 2654 Gwandalan PS to Cams Bvd at Summerland Rd 2655 Gorokan HS to Bungary Rd before Denison St 2657 Wyong Christian School to Wyong Station 2658 Swansea HS to Lake Haven Shops 
2659 Lake Munmorah PS to Karoola Av 2660 Kanwal PS to Mountain View Dr before Sparks Rd 2661 Gorokan HS to Brisbane St at Ocean Pde 2662 Gorokan PS to Lake Haven Shops 2663 Hunter Sports HS to North Entrance 2664 St Brigid's College to Government Rd at Mulwala Dr 2665 Lake Munmorah HS to Parraweena Rd opp Pinaroo Rd 2666 Lake Munmorah PS to Vales Rd after Catherine St 2667 Gorokan HS to Heritage Village 2668 Lakes Grammar to Lake Haven Shops 2669 Northlakes HS to Girraween St opp Budgewoi Soccer Club 2670 Wadalba HS to Tuggerawong Rd opp Jensen Rd 2671 Kanwal PS to Lake Haven Dr at Twin Lakes Dr 2672 St Cecilias PS to Wyong Station 2673 Gorokan HS to Fravent St before Main Rd 2674 Central Mangrove PS to George Downes Dr opp Bloodtree Rd 2675 Wyong PS to Lake Haven Shops 2676 Budgewoi PS to Lake Haven Shops 2677 Lake Munmorah HS to Bay St before Government Rd 2678 MacKillop College to Narambi Rd opp Nacooma Rd 2679 Gorokan HS to Main Rd opp Toukley RSL 2680 St Marys PS to Arlington St at Wallarah Rd 2681 Wadalba HS to Wallarah Rd after Arlington St 2683 Lake Munmorah PS to Tall Timbers Rd after Deakin Av 2684 Kanwal PS to Pacific Hwy at Moala Pde 2685 Toukley PS to Lake Haven Shops 2687 Northlakes HS to Budgewoi PS 2688 Lake Munmorah HS to Vales Rd after Catherine St 2689 Gorokan HS to Kilpa Rd before Murrawal Rd 2690 Peats Ridge PS to Hallards Rd at Wisemans Ferry Rd 2691 Wadalba HS to Kanwal Shops 2692 MacKillop College to Main Rd at Budgewoi Rd 2693 Wyong HS to 424 Pacific Hwy, Wyong 2695 St Peters College to Wyong Station 2696 Lake Munmorah HS to Findlay Av opp Kariola St 2699 Wyong Christian School to Main Rd at Ray St 2700 Wyong HS to Main Rd at Ray St 2702 Wadalba HS to Craigie Av before Dalton Av 2703 Northlakes PS to Lake Haven Shops 2704 Lakes Grammar to Colorado Dr at Barcoo St 2705 St Cecilias PS to Brittania Dr opp The Grove 2706 Lake Munmorah HS to Summerland Rd opp Cams Bvd 2707 St Brigid's College to Gwandalan PS 2708 Wadalba HS to Kaye Av at Stanley St 2709 Wyong HS to Howelston Rd before Balmoral Dr 2710 Lakes Grammar to Swansea HS 2711 MacKillop College to Budgewoi Rd before Ourringo St 2712 Gorokan HS to Warnervale Rd after Monarch Dr 2714 Lakes Grammar to Lake Haven Shops 2715 MacKillop College to Wills Rd at Scenic Dr 2716 Wadalba HS to Hiawatha Rd at Ridgewood Dr 2717 Northlakes HS to Toukley PS 2718 Wadalba HS to Warnervale PS 2719 Lakes Grammar to Parraweena Rd opp Pinaroo Rd 2720 Warnervale PS to Lakes Grammar 2721 Lake Munmorah HS to Lake Haven Shops 2722 Northlakes PS to Narambi Rd opp Nacooma Rd 2723 Northlakes HS to Lilo Av before Kalele Av 2724 Gorokan PS to Ourringo St after Budgewoi Rd 5364 Woy Woy to Kincumber via Ettalong & Empire Bay 
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Updated: Mar 30, 2017




Weekday (Mar 30, 2017 - Jul 7, 2017)

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Weekday (Mar 30, 2017 - Jul 7, 2017)

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95X Lake Haven to Wyee via Gwandalan - Busways Central Coast

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Official Busways Central Coast Data
Updated: Mar 30, 2017



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