107 Avondale Loop - Ritchies Transport

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001 Everglades to Manurewa High and Greenmeadows001 Greenmeadows Intermediate and Manurewa High to Everglades002 Clendon to Manurewa and Greenmeadows002 Manurewa Schools To Clendon003 Alfriston Sch to Flat Bush and Alfrsiton Col to Takanini003 Flat Bush to Alfriston Sch and Takanini to Alfriston Col004 Manurewa High to Weymouth And Wattle Downs004 Weymouth And Wattle Downs To Manurewa High005 Glen Eden to Green Bay High School005 Green Bay High School to Glen Eden006 Green Bay High School to Kaurilands006 Kaurilands to Green Bay High School006 Remuera Schools to Titirangi006 Titirangi to Remuera Schools007 Green Bay High School to Oratia007 Green Bay High to Oratia008 Blockhouse Bay Intermediate to New Lynn008 New Lynn to Blockhouse Bay Intermediate016 Albany Junior High School to Greenhithe016 Greenhithe to Albany Junior High School017 Albany High Schools to Greenhithe via Upper Habour Dr017 Bayswater To Westlake Schools017 Devonport To Westlake Schools017 Greenhithe to Albany High Schools via Upper Harbour Dr017 Westlake Schools To Devonport022 St Josephs School To Takapuna Via Milford And Crown Hill025 Glen Eden Intermediate to Wood Bay025 Wood Bay to Glen Eden Intermediate028 North Shore Schools to Whenuapai NN028 Whenuapai to North Shore Schools029 Massey and West Harbour to North Shore Schools029 North Shore Schools to Massey and West Harbour031 North Shore Schools to Greenhithe and West Harbour031 West Harbour and Greenhithe to North Shore Schools33 Otahuhu Station to Papakura Interchange Via Great South Rd33 Papakura Interchange To Otahuhu Station Via Great South Rd034 Westlake Boys To Takapuna Via Milford And Crown Hill046 St Josephs To Silverdale Express055 Conifer Grove To Rosehill Schools055 McAuley High To Papakura055 Papakura To McAuley High055 Rosehill College To Conifer Grove056 Rosehill College To Wattle Downs056 Wattle Downs To Rosehill Schools057 Rosehill College To Manurewa058 Homai To Rosehill Schools058 Rosehill College To Homai058 Rosehill Intermediate To Manurewa Via Conifer Grove059 De La Salle College To Papakura059 Papakura To De La Salle College060 Albany Junior High To Meadowood060 Albany Schools to Meadowood
060 Meadowood To Albany Schools061 Albany Heights To Albany Schools061 Albany Schools To Albany Heights062 Albany Primary To Unsworth062 Unsworth To Albany Primary070 Oakway Dr To Upper Harbour Primary070 Upper Harbour Primary To Oakway Dr072 Avondale College to Titirangi072 Titirangi to Avondale College080 Takapuna Grammar To Devonport081 Belmont Intermediate To Stanley Bay081 Stanley Bay To Belmont Intermediate And Takapuna Grammar082 Stanley Bay To Belmont Schools082 Takapuna Grammar To Stanley Bay083 Devonport To Belmont Schools Via Cheltenham083 Takapuna Grammar To Devonport Via Cheltenham084 Belmont Intermediate To Devonport087 Stanley Bay To Westlake Schools087 Westlake Schools To Stanley Bay089 Takapuna Normal Intermediate To Devonport107 Avondale Loop120 Akoranga to Henderson120 Akoranga to Westgate120 Constellation Station to Henderson via Westgate120 Constellation Station to Hobsonville120 Constellation to Westgate120 Henderson to Akoranga120 Henderson to Constellation Station via Westgate120 Henderson to Westgate120 Hobsonville to Akoranga120 Hobsonville to Constellation Station120 Westgate to Akoranga120 Westgate to Constellation Station161 Brains Park to New Lynn161 New Lynn to Brains Park170 New Lynn to Titirangi South170 New Lynn to Titirangi South via Otitori Bay Rd170 Titirangi South to New Lynn171 Laingholm to New Lynn171 New Lynn to Laingholm171X Laingholm to City Centre Express171X City Centre to Laingholm Express172 Glen Eden to New Lynn via Titirangi172 New Lynn to Glen Eden via Titirangi172X City Centre to Glen Eden via New Lynn and Titirangi Express172X Glen Eden to City Centre via Titirangi and New Lynn Express186 South Lynn Loop195 Blckhouse Bay to City Centre195 Blockhouse Bay Intermediate to New_Lynn195 Blockhouse Bay to New Lynn via Green Bay195 City Centre to Blockhouse Bay195 City Centre to New Lynn via Blockhouse Bay Rd and Green Bay
195 New Lynn to Blockhouse Bay via Green Bay195 New Lynn to City Centre via Green Bay and Blockhouse Bay Rd209 City Centre to Titirangi via New North Rd and Green Bay209 Titirangi to City Centre via Green Bay and New North Rd360X Papakura To City Via Manurewa (Express)360X City To Papakura Via Manurewa (Express)361 Manurewa Interchange To Otara / Mit Via Mahia Rd361 MIT To Manurewa Interchange Via Mahia Rd361 Otara / Mit To Manurewa Interchange Via Mahia Rd362 Manukau Station To Weymouth Via Great South Rd362 Weymouth To Manukau Station Via Great South Rd363 Manurewa Interchange To Wattle Downs Loop365 Manukau Station To Papakura Interchange Station Via Porchest365 Papakura Interchange To Manukau Station Via Porchester Rd366 Everglades To Manurewa Via Manukau Station366 Manukau Station To Manurewa Via The Gardens366 Manurewa Interchange To Everglades Via Manukau Station366 Manurewa Interchange To Manukau Station Via The Gardens368 Wiri Industrial Loop Clockwise369 Wiri Industrial Loop Anticlockwise371 Papakura Interchange To Takanini Station371 Takanini Station To Papakura Interchange372 Papakura Shops To Keri Hill Loop373 Papakura Shops To Red Hill373 Red Hill To Papakura Shops374 Papakura Shops To Opaheke Loop376 Drury To Papakura Shops376 Papakura Shops To Drury377 Pahurehure To Papakura Interchange377 Papakura Interchange To Pahurehure378 Papakura Shops To Karaka Harbourside Loop391 Pukekohe Northeast Loop392 Pukekohe Northwest Loop393 Pukekohe South Loop394 Pukekohe Interchange To Wesley College/Paerata394 Wesley College/Paerata To Pukekohe Interchange395 Papakura Interchange To Waiuku395 Waiuku To Papakura Interchange396 Pukekohe Interchange To Waiuku Via Patumahoe396 Pukekohe Interchange To Waiuku Via Patumahoe And Victoria Av396 Waiuku To Pukekohe Interchange Via Kitchener Rd And Patumaho396 Waiuku To Pukekohe Interchange Via Patumahoe398 Pukekohe to Tuakau398 Tuakau to Pukekohe399 Port Waikato to Pukekohe via Tuakau399 Pukekohe to Port Waikato via Tuakau555 Highbury To Massey University555 Massey University To Highbury560 Glenfield to Massey University560 Massey University To Glenfield779 Devonport Wharf To Cheltenham And Return779 Devonport Wharf To Stanley Bay And Return
802X Bayswater To Mayoral Dr Express802X Mayoral Dr To Bayswater Express803 Bayswater To Takapuna803 Bayswater To Takapuna Via Francis St803 Bayswater Wharf To Takapuna803 Bayswater Wharf To Takapuna Via Milford803 Takapuna Loop803 Takapuna To Bayswater803 Takapuna To Bayswater Via Francis St803 Takapuna To Bayswater Wharf803 Takapuna To Bayswater Wharf Via Francis St804 Bayswater To Takapuna Via Francis St and Milford804 Bayswater To Takapuna Via Westlake804 Bayswater Wharf To Takapuna Via Francis St804 Bayswater Wharf To Takapuna Via Westlake813 Devonport To Takapuna Via Narrow Neck (R)813 Takapuna To Devonport Via Narrow Neck (R)815 Devonport To Westwell Rd Via Ngataringa Rd815 Westwell Rd To Devonport Via Ngataringa Rd880 Albany Loop Anticlockwise880 Albany Loop Clockwise886 Constellation Station To Long Bay Via Browns Bay886 Long Bay To Constellation Station Via Browns Bay887 Constellation Station To Long Bay Via Albany887 Long Bay To Constellation Station Via Albany900X Mayoral Dr To Unsworth Heights Express900X Unsworth Heights To City Centre Express902 Constellation Station to Unsworth Heights902 Unsworth Heights to Constellation Station905 Glenfield To Takapuna Via Unsworth Heights905 Takapuna To Glenfield Via Unsworth Heights911 Glenfield To Takapuna Via Northcote911 Takapuna To Glenfield Via Northcote920 Sylvan Ave To Mayoral Dr921 Mayoral Dr To Hillcrest922 Mayoral Dr To Takapuna Via Northcote922 Takapuna To Mayoral Dr Via Northcote945 Glenfield To Takapuna Via Marlborough945 Takapuna To Glenfield Via Marlborough945X Glenfield To City Centre Express945X Mayoral Dr To Glenfield ExpressN11 City To Papakura Via Great South RdN11 City To Papakura Via Great South Rd (S)NEX Albany Station To BritomartNEX Albany Station To Britomart (S)NEX Britomart To Albany StationNEX Britomart To Albany Station (S)NEX Britomart to HC Station via all Busway StationsNEX Britomart to HC Station via all Busway Stations (S)NEX Constellation Station To BritomartNEX Hibiscus Coast Station to BritomartNEX Hibiscus Coast Station to Britomart (Morning Peak)
1 t5esec7v1ans1fjsikr9gable3 d7c3b8dfa8886868904dbd80b5c48284 d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e 0 103601 en-us 1 Ritchies Transport Ritchies Transport 107 Avondale Loop Auckland New Zealand


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Official Ritchies Transport Data
Updated: Oct 6, 2017




Weekday (Oct 12, 2017 - Dec 20, 2017)

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Weekday (Oct 12, 2017 - Dec 20, 2017)

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107 Avondale Loop - Ritchies Transport

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Official Ritchies Transport Data
Updated: Oct 6, 2017